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    Cheltenham, U.K ; Northampton, Mass : Edward Elgar
    Keywords: European Union countries, Appropriations and expenditures ; Electronic books ; Finance, Public, Auditing, European Union countries ; Fiscal policy, European Union countries
    Pages: xvi, 256 p.
    ISBN: 1-8454-2560-X
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    Keywords: Neurosciences ; Psychology, clinical ; Neurosciences ; Neuropsychology ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Part 1 Chapter 1 – Personality and the Brain -- Chapter 2 – Personality Stability and Change in Alzheimer's Disease and Major Depressive Disorder -- Chapter 3 – Affect, Stress, and Neurodegenerative Onslaughts -- Chapter 4 – Aspects of Personality Traits and Changes in Different Stages of Dementia Disorders -- Chapter 5 – The Study of Personality Traits in the Blekinge part of the Swedish National Study on Aging and Care (SNAC-B) -- Chapter 6 – Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Temperament, and Character -- Part 2 Chapter 7 – Person-Centered Approaches -- Chapter 8 – A Case Study in Sweden: The Need of Person-Centered Methods in the Care of Dementia Patients with Severe Aggressive Behavior -- Chapter 9 – Life Narratives and Elderly Care -- Chapter 10 – Acting as a Person-Centered Approach: Theater for the Elderly -- Chapter 11 – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder: a personalized approach -- Chapter 12 – Person-Centered Schools -- Chapter 13 – Integrating healthy personality development and educational practices: The case of student engagement with school -- PART 3 Chapter 14 – Current Directions in Psychiatric Classification: From the DSM to RDoC -- Chapter 15 – The Future of Person-Centered Care Services: Scientific, Measurement, and Practical Advancements in Personality and Brain Disorders
    Abstract: Brain disorders (neurodevelopmental, neurodegenerative, and affective disorders) can be investigated, treated, and prevented using person-centered methods. Because researchers have not reached a clear consensus on whether or not personality is stable or changeable, it has been difficult to outline how to use these methods in the care of people with brain disorders. Thus, the first part aims to identify the ways in which brain disorders and personality are linked. The second part explores different person-centered approaches that can be incorporated in a healthcare or education setting to help people with various brain disorders and to promote physical, mental and social health. The third part focuses on challenges and new venues
    Pages: XVI, 297 p. 21 illus., 13 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9783319900650
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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Plant anatomy ; Plant development ; Plant Pathology ; Plant physiology ; Plant breeding ; Life sciences ; Plant Genetics and Genomics ; Plant Breeding/Biotechnology ; Plant physiology ; Plant Systematics/Taxonomy/Biogeography ; Plant Anatomy/Development ; Plant Pathology ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Introduction -- Cultivation and uses of cucurbits -- Evolution and phylogeny of the cucurbits -- Genetic Resources of Melon -- Genetic resources of cucumber -- Genetic resources of watermelon -- Genetic resources of Cucurbita spp -- Genetic resources for minor cucurbit crops -- Genetic mapping of complex traits in cucurbits (populations, genetic maps and traits) -- The melon genome -- The cucumber genome -- The watermelon genome -- Cucurbita genome(s) -- The genome of minor cucurbit crops -- Comparative genomics of the Cucurbitaceae -- Organellar genomes of the cucurbits -- Databases and bioinformatics for cucurbit species -- Cucurbit mutants and tilling populations -- Genetic transformation of cucurbit species -- VIGS and functional analyses -- Phloem -- Grafting -- Floral sex expression -- Fruit growth and development -- Fruit quality -- Genomic/transcriptomic analysis -- Sugar and organic acids -- Aroma -- Color -- Fruit ripening -- Disease resistance -- Phytochemistry -- Abiotic stress -- Bridging classical and genomic approaches to cucurbit breeding -- Opportunities for genomic applications to cucurbit breeding
    Abstract: This book provides an overview of the current state of knowledge of the genetics and genomics of the agriculturally important Cucurbitaceae plant family, which includes crops such as watermelon, melon, cucumber, summer and winter squashes, pumpkins, and gourds. Recent years have resulted in tremendous increases in our knowledge of these species due to large scale genomic and transcriptomic studies and production of draft genomes for the four major species,℗ Citrullus lanatus,℗ Cucumis melo,℗ Cucumis sativus, andCucurbita spp. This text examines genetic resources and structural and functional genomics for each species group and across species groups. In addition, it explores genomic-informed understanding and commonalities in cucurbit biology with respect to vegetative growth, floral development and sex expression, fruit growth and development, and important fruit quality traits
    Pages: XIII, 430 p. 61 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9783319493329
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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Bioinformatics ; Life sciences ; Bioinformatics ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Actigraphy Pattern Analysis For Outpatient Monitoring -- Definition of Loss Functions for Learning from Imbalanced Data to Minimize Evaluation Metrics -- Audit Method Suited for DSS in Clinical Environment -- Incremental Logistic Regression for Customizing Automatic Diagnostic Models -- Using Process Mining for Automatic Support of clinical Pathways Design -- Analyzing Complex Patients' Temporal Histories: New Frontiers in Temporal Data Mining -- The Snow System – A Decentralized Medical Data Processing System -- Data Mining for Pulsing the Emotion on the Web -- Introduction on Health Recommender Systems -- Cloud Computing for Context-Aware Enhanced m-Health Services -- Analysis of Speech-based Measures for Detecting and Monitoring Alzheimer`s Disease -- Applying Data Mining for the Analysis of Breast Cancer Data -- Mining Data When Technology Is Applied To Support Patients and Professional On The Control Of Chronic Diseases: The Experience Of The METABO Platform For Diabetes Management -- Data Analysis In Cardiac Arrhythmias -- Knowledge-Based Personal Health System to Empower Outpatients of Diabetes Mellitus by means of P4 Medicine -- Serious Games For Elderly Continuous Monitoring
    Abstract: This volume complies a set of Data Mining techniques and new applications in real biomedical scenarios. Chapters focus on innovative data mining techniques, biomedical datasets and streams analysis, and real applications. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters are thought to show to Medical Doctors and Engineers the new trends and techniques that are being applied to Clinical Medicine with the arrival of new Information and Communication technologies Authoritative and practical,℗ Data Mining in Clinical Medicine seeks to aid scientists with℗ new approaches and trends in the field
    Pages: XII, 270 p. 92 illus., 82 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9781493919857
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Oncology ; Cancer / Surgery ; Pathology ; Surgery ; Medicine & Public Health ; Oncology ; Surgical Oncology ; Pathology ; Surgery ; Springer eBooks
    Pages: : digital.
    Edition: 2nd ed.
    ISBN: 9781461420804
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Neurosciences ; Biomedical Engineering ; Cognitive Psychology ; Biomedicine ; Neurosciences ; Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology ; Cognitive Psychology ; Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Neural Dynamics in Motor and Sensory Systems and in Cognitive Functions -- Cognitive Network and Multi-Scale Neural Network Dynamics -- Neuroengineering, Neuroinformation and Brain Computer Interaction -- Modelling Higher-Order Functions and Dysfunctions -- Oscillation, Synchronization, Neural Plasticity, and Coordination Dynamics from Neural to Social Systems
    Abstract: This proceedings contains articles submitted to the sixth International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics (ICCN2017). The Meeting included plenary lectures, specialized symposia, and posters presentations. The main topics of the meeting addressed the general substrates underlying neural functions and the neural dynamics in sensory, motor, and cognitive systems. Other important neuroscience fields covered in the meeting were learning and memory processes and the functionally-related changes in synaptic strength, neural oscillations, synchronizations and coherence activities between different neural circuits, and the imaging of cognitive networks. Finally, specific articles covered several fields related to neural computation and neuroengineering, the modelling higher-order functions and dysfunctions and the experimental design of brain-to-computer and brain-to-brain interactions. All articles were peer-reviewed. The ICCN is a series conference that takes place every two years since 2007
    Pages: XVIII, 407 p. 125 illus., 77 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9789811088544
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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Bioinformatics ; Systems Biology ; Microbial genetics ; Microbial genomics ; Mathematical models ; Life sciences ; Systems Biology ; Microbial Genetics and Genomics ; Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics ; Computational Biology/Bioinformatics ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Introduction -- Medical systems biology -- Modeling procedures -- Case of study -- Conclusions and Perspectives -- Bibliography
    Abstract: This book contributes to better understand how lifestyle modulations can effectively halt the emergence and progression of human diseases. The book will allow the reader to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms by which the environment interferes with the bio-molecular regulatory processes underlying the emergence and progression of complex diseases, such as cancer. Focusing on key and early cellular bio-molecular events giving rise to the emergence of degenerative chronic disease, it builds on previous experience on the development of multi-cellular organisms, to propose a mathematical and computer based framework that allows the reader to analyze the complex interplay between bio-molecular processes and the (micro)-environment from an integrative, mechanistic, quantitative and dynamical perspective. Taking the wealth of empirical evidence that exists it will show how to build and analyze models of core regulatory networks involved in the emergence and progression of chronic degenerative diseases, using a bottom-up approach
    Pages: XXI, 258 p. 60 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9783319893549
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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Biochemistry ; Cytology ; Microbiology ; Plant breeding ; Life sciences ; Cell Biology ; Microbiology ; Plant Genetics & Genomics ; Plant Biochemistry ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Valuable Secondary Metabolites from Fungi -- Penicillins -- Cephalosporins -- Cyclosporines: Biosynthesis and Beyond -- Aflatoxin Biosynthesis: Regulation and Subcellular Localization -- Roquefortine C and Related Prenylated Indole Alkaloids -- Ochratoxin A and Related Mycotoxins -- Carotenoids -- Astaxanthin and Related Xanthophylls -- Gibberellins and the Red Pigments Bikaverin and Fusarubin -- Fusarins and Fusaric Acid in Fusaria -- Lovastatin, Compactin, and Related Anticholesterolemic Agents -- Meroterpenoids -- Ergot Alkaloids -- Fungal NRPS-dependent Siderophores: from Function to Prediction
    Abstract: This volume describes the more relevant secondary metabolites of different fungi with current information on their biosynthesis and molecular genetics. Bolstered with color illustrations and photographs, the book describes the possible application of molecular genetics to directed strain improvement in great detail. The needs for future developments in this field are also discussed at length. ℗ Written by authorities in the field, Biosynthesis and Molecular Genetics of Fungal Secondary Metabolites provides a cutting-edge perspective on fungal secondary metabolism and underlying genetics and is a valuable resource for scientists, researchers, and educators in the field of fungal biology
    Pages: XI, 351 p. 65 illus., 35 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9781493911912
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    Keywords: Microbiology ; Microbial genetics ; Microbial genomics ; Microbiology ; Microbial Genetics and Genomics ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Experimental Set Up and Data Analysis Considerations for DNA- and RNA-SIP Experiments in the Omics Era -- DNA-Based Stable Isotope Probing -- RNA Stable Isotope Probing (RNA-SIP) -- Stable Isotope Probing of Microbial Phospholipid Fatty Acids in Environmental Samples -- SIP-Metaproteomics: Linking Microbial Taxonomy, Function, and Activity -- Chip-SIP: Stable Isotope Probing Analyzed with rRNA-Targeted Microarrays and NanoSIMS -- Quantification of Methanogenic Pathways Using Stable Carbon Isotopic Signatures -- Stable Isotope-Labeled Single-Cell Raman Spectroscopy Revealing Function and Activity of Environmental Microbes -- Data Analysis for DNA Stable Isotope Probing Experiments Using Multiple Window High Resolution SIP -- Stable Isotope Probing of Microorganisms in Environmental Samples with H218O -- Microbial Taxon-Specific Isotope Incorporation with DNA Quantitative Stable Isotope Probing -- Profiling of Active Microorganisms by Stable Isotope Probing-Metagenomics -- Targeted Metatranscriptomics of Soil Microbial Communities with Stable Isotope Probing -- Stable Isotope Probing Techniques and Methodological Considerations Using 15N -- DNA and RNA Stable Isotope Probing of Methylotrophic Methanogenic Archaea -- Method Development for DNA and Proteome SIP Analysis of Activated Sludge for Anaerobic Dichloromethane Biodegradation -- RNA-Based Stable Isotope Probing (RNA-SIP) in the Gut Environment -- Stable Isotope Probing of Microbiota Structure and Function in the Plant Rhizosphere
    Abstract: This book provides definitive methods to perform stable isotope probing (SIP) experiments, covering a wide spectrum of stable isotope techniques used in microbial ecology, such as methods to target and analyze labeled DNA, rRNA, mRNA, protein, and PLFA. Protocols to study stable isotope fractionation by microbial pathways, the analysis of labeled communities with Raman microscopy, Chip-SIM, as well as quantitative SIP (qSIP) and high-resolution SIP (HR-SIP) are also featured. Written for the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Authoritative and practical, Stable Isotope Probing: Methods and Protocols provides readers with up-to-date protocols ranging from basic to the most sophisticated applications of SIP and will benefit anyone pursuing this exciting area of study
    Pages: XI, 247 p. 43 illus., 35 illus. in color. : online resource.
    Edition: 1st ed. 2019.
    ISBN: 9781493997213
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