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    New York : Taylor & Francis Group
    Call number: QH442:190
    Keywords: Cloning, Molecular ; Gene Library ; Genomics / methods
    Description / Table of Contents: Genome organization -- Key tools for gene cloning -- Gene identification and DNA libraries -- Screening DNA libraries -- Further routes to gene identification -- Sequencing DNA -- Bioinformatics -- Production of proteins from cloned genes -- Gene cloning in the functional analysis of proteins -- The analysis of the regulation of gene expression -- The production and uses of transgenic organisms -- Forensic and medical applications
    ISBN: 0748765344
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    Call number: QR183:64(2)
    Keywords: Immunocytochemistry ; Immunohistochemistry / methods ; Staining / methods
    Pages: xiv, 141 p. : ill.
    Edition: 2nd ed.
    ISBN: 0387915133
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    Amsterdam : Elsevier
    Call number: QH212.E4:27
    Keywords: Immunochemistry / Technique ; Tracers (Biology) ; Tracers (Chemistry) ; Electron microscopy / Technique ; ELEKTRONENMIKROSKOP / IMMUNOLOGIE
    Pages: xv, 370 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 044480563X
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Pharmacology ; Systems Biology ; Biomedicine ; Pharmacology/Toxicology ; Systems Biology ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: The Adverse Outcome Pathway: A Conceptual Framework to Support Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century -- Metabolic Pathway Databases: A Word of Caution -- Causal Biological Network Database: A Comprehensive Platform of Causal Biological Network Models Focused on the Pulmonary and Vascular Systems -- Data Sources for Signature Discovery in Toxicology -- Data Management and Processing in Toxicoinformatics: From Chemical Databases to Automatic Extraction of Unstructured Resources -- Using a Crowdsourcing Approach for Network Verification -- Toxicological Assessment Via Gene Network Analysis -- Weaving Knowledge into Biological Pathways in a Collaborative Manner -- Pathway Analysis and Machine Learning as Tools in Systems Toxicology -- Quantifying the Biological Impact of Active Substances Using Causal Network Models -- Analysis of Proteomic Data for Toxicological Applications -- Xenobiotic Metabolism Activation as a Biomarker of Cigarette Smoke Exposure Response -- High-Content Screening: Understanding and Managing Mechanistic Data to Better Predict Toxicity -- A Systems Toxicology Approach to Investigating the Cardiovascular Effects of Cigarette Smoke and Environmental Pollutants in ApoE-Deficient Mice -- Computational Data Integration in Toxicogenomics -- Aerosol Dosimetry Modeling Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Abstract: This detailed volume explores key state-of-the-art computational applications that are crucial in Systems Toxicology.℗ The recent technological developments in experimental biology and multi-omics measurements that enable Systems Biology and Systems Toxicology can only be fully leveraged by the application of a broad range of computational approaches ranging from data management to mathematical modeling. Taking this into account, chapters in this book cover data management and processing, data analysis, biological network building and analysis, as well as the application of computational methods to toxicological assessment. Written for the Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology series, Computational Systems Toxicology includes the kind of key practical advice that will aid readers in furthering our knowledge of toxic substances and reactions to them
    Pages: X, 430 p. 109 illus., 96 illus. in color. : online resource.
    Edition: 1st ed. 2015.
    ISBN: 9781493927784
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    Call number: M120:247
    Pages: 23 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 9783981349757
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    M120:247 departmental collection or stack – please contact the library
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    Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley
    Call number: ALLG-BERUF-HF5549:27
    Keywords: Business meetings ; Special events / Planning ; Personnel management
    Pages: xii, 334 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 9781118770467
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Oncology ; Toxicology ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Pharmacology/Toxicology ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Introduction -- Interactions of Normal Tissues and Systems with Metastatic Cells: Impact on Location, Survival and Growth -- Introduction to Metastasis Suppressor Genes -- Metastasis suppressor genes -- Metastatic Dormancy & Metastatic Suppressor Genes -- Clinical Implications -- Growth Factor Systems and Cell Cycle Regulation -- Angiogenesis -- Inflammatory mediators in Tumorigenesis and Metastasis -- Role of stroma in disease progression -- Local spread -- Lymphatic – GI tract and Breast Cancer -- Hematogenous – Uveal Melanoma -- Other methods -- Haematogenous Models of Metastases -- Spontaneous, Induced, and Transgenic Models of Metastasis -- Orthotopic and Ectopic Models of Metastasis -- Animal Model Imaging Techniques -- Diagnosis of Metastasis -- Cancer Staging -- Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry in Tumor metastasis -- Genomics and Proteomics -- The role of chemotherapy for metastatic disease -- Integrating chemotherapy to surgery: Novel approaches in regionally aggressive cancer metastasis -- Palliative radiation therapy -- Role of Surgery in the Diagnosis and Management of Metastatic Cancer -- Prerequisite genetic traits for metastasis -- Metastasis Initiation -- Index
    Abstract: 〈p〉The primary cause of death related to cancers can be traced back to metastases, originated from cancer cells. The presence of metastatic disease, the spread of cancer cells, is the most important prognostic and survival factor in patients with cancer. Although treatment of the primary tumor is well established and usually results in local control, treating metastatic disease is a much more daunting task. At diagnosis, few patients present with clinically detectable metastatic lesions regardless of the clinical prognostic factor. Clinical trials assessing potential therapeutic agents are important in order to define the best specific treatment for a particular patient, which are the basis for patient-oriented research that eventually lead to personalized medicine.〈br〉〈br〉This volume aims to comprehensively present the latest research and information about metastasis. Understanding the mechanisms underlying the metastatic phenomenon could have vast implications for the large number of patients who are at a high risk for the development of metastasis.〈/p〉〈p〉
    ISBN: 9781461436850
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Medical Microbiology ; Parasitology ; Tropical Medicine ; Biomedicine ; Parasitology ; Medical Microbiology ; Tropical Medicine ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: The Molecules:- Genomics -- Proteomics.-Glycomics. The Parasites (and their Molecules): Giardia.-Trichomonas -- Trypanosoma -- Leishmania -- Toxoplasma -- Plasmodium -- Acanthamoeba -- Entamoeba. Hot Topics: Phylogeny and Evolution -- Host-Parasite Interactions -- Parasite-Vector Interactions -- From Molecule to Drug -- Vaccine Development
    Abstract: In the past years, genome projects for numerous human parasites have been completed and now allow first in depth comparisons and evolutionary conclusions. The genomes of parasites reflect the coevolution with their host, metabolic capacities depending on their respective habitat in the host. Gut parasites usually have an anaerobic metabolism, while blood parasites have an aerobic metabolism, intracellular parasites escape the immune system, while extracellular parasites evade the immune system, usually by antigenic variation. Comprehensive genome data now being available allow us to address profound scientific questions, such as which traits enable the parasite to survive in the human host, which to cause disease and which can be used as drug targets. This book intends to give an overview of the state of knowledge on “the molecules” of protozoan parasites – on their genomes, proteomes, glycomes and lipidomes
    Pages: IX, 547 p. 58 illus., 46 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9783709114162
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    Call number: ZZ1977:3/2006a ; ZZ1977:3/2006/Mag
    Keywords: Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg ; Medical Oncology ; Research ; DKFZ-publications ; Germany
    Description / Table of Contents: Grußwort des Präsidenten der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft / Jürgen Mlynek ; Forschen für den Patienten / Otmar D. Wiestler ; Ein Haus für die Forschung / Josef Puchta
    Pages: 211 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 3-7985-1638-3
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    ZZ1977:3/2006/Mag departmental collection or stack – please contact the library
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    Stuttgart : Schäffer-Poeschel
    Call number: M220:43
    Pages: xv, 277 p. : ill.
    Edition: 2., überarbeitete und aktualisierte Auflage, Rechtsstand: 01.03.2017
    ISBN: 978-3-7910-3849-0
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    M220:43 departmental collection or stack – please contact the library
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