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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Pneumology ; Cytology ; Life sciences ; Oxidative Stress ; Cell Biology ; Pneumology/Respiratory System ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Introduction to oxidative stress and anti-oxidant therapy -- Role of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in respiratory diseases: general considerations -- Role of exhaled biomarkers volatiles and exhaled breath condensate -- Pulmonary infections and oxidative injury -- Role of reactive oxygen species in causing acute lung injury -- Free radicals in pulmonary tuberculosis -- Oxidative injury caused by smoking and air-pollution -- Oxidative stress in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -- Oxidative stress in asthma and allergic disease -- Oxygen free radicals in pulmonary hypertension -- Pulmonary fibrosis and oxidative stress -- Oxidant injury in sarcoidosis and other granulomatous disorders -- Oxidative stress in lung cancer -- Pulmonary toxicity from drugs, heavy metals and other poisonings – oxidant injury and role of anti-oxidants -- Oxidative stress and respiratory muscle dysfunction -- The critical role of Nrf2 -- Development of novel antioxidants -- Asbestosis
    Abstract: Studies on Respiratory Disorders considers the whole panorama of oxidative damage in different respiratory disorders for the review of clinician and laboratory investigators and makes diverse information available in a single volume.℗ This volume provides a comprehensive review of numerous studies on the role of oxygen and nitrogen species in lung diseases; it also discusses the potential role of anti-oxidants in their treatment.℗ The contents are organized into three sections along fairly broad classifications: I.℗ General introductory chapters on oxidant stress; general considerations related to reactive oxygen and nitrogen species; the role of exhaled breath condensate and other volatile compounds as exhaled biomarkers of inflammation;℗ II. Oxidative stress in different groups of respiratory disorders such as pulmonary infections (viral, bacterial and tuberculosis); ℗ airway diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, air pollution, allergies and asthma; miscellaneous lung diseases (e.g., interstitial diseases, sarcoidosis, asbestosis, respiratory muscle dysfunction, pulmonary hypertension and cancer); and III., Anti-oxidant drugs. These final chapters on anti-oxidant drugs including the mimics (such as traditional herbs) provide a critical review of the available information on their success and failure.℗ Studies on Respiratory Disorders is an important addition to the Oxidative Stress in Applied Basic Research and Clinical Practice series and is essential reading℗ for those treating or researching treatment for respiratory disorders
    Pages: XII, 394 p. 26 illus., 19 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9781493904976
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    Oxford : Oxford University Press
    Call number: 05-MET-15:55 ; 05-MET-15:55a
    Keywords: Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
    Notes: Cataloging based on CIP data.
    Pages: p.
    ISBN: 0198551916
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    05-MET-15:55 departmental collection or stack – please contact the library
    05-MET-15:55a departmental collection or stack – please contact the library
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    Call number: M120:299
    Pages: x, 219 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 9783527342037
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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Biotechnology ; Agriculture ; Plant Biochemistry ; Microbial ecology ; Life sciences ; Plant Biochemistry ; Microbial ecology ; Agriculture ; Biotechnology ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: 1. Endophytic in Agrobiology: An Introduction -- PART 1: Crop Productivity -- 2. Role of Endophytic Bacteria on the Crop Productivity and Soil Health -- 3. Plant Growth Promotion by Endophytic Bacteria in Non-Indigenous Crops -- 4. Role of Endophytic Fungi in Agricultural Productivity -- 5. Endophytic Bacteria: Role in Phosphate Solubilization -- 6. Phytohormone Production from Edophytic Bacteria and Their Application in Plant Growth Promotion -- 7. Beneficial Effects of Bacterial Endophytes on Forest Tree Species -- 8. Role of Bacterial Endophytes in Plant Disease Control -- 9. Endophytic Actinomycetes for Sustainable Agricultural Applications -- PART 2: Metabolites Production -- 10. Endophytic Fungi: A Remarkable Source of Biologically Active Scondary Metabolites -- 11. Endophytes: Potential Source of Therpeuatically Important Secondary Metabolites of Plant Origin -- 12. Endophytic Microorganisms: Source of Volatile Organic Compounds for Improvement of Plant Health -- 13. Potential of Endophytic Lignin Degrading Fungi: Role on Lignocellulosic Biorefineries -- 14. Conclusion -- Index
    Abstract: This book reviews the latest developments in our understanding of microbial endophytes and their potential applications in enhancing productivity and disease protection. It covers all the latest discoveries regarding endophytes, their interactions with plants and application in agricultural productivity and protection.℗ Our understanding of endophytes has increased exponentially in recent decades. These microbes, such as fungi, bacteria, and actinobacteria, establish a symbiotic or parasitic association with plants. A better understanding of endophytic microorganisms may help to elucidate their functions and potential role in developing sustainable systems of crop production and improved protection against biotic stresses. Endophytes play a vital role in plant growth and health promotion. Endophytic bacteria are of agrobiological interest because they create host-endophyte relationships, which can open exciting prospects for newer biotechnological applications. Endophytes have also proven to be a beneficial and sustainable alternative to agrochemicals due to their role in the biocontrol of pests and diseases. Further, endophytes are essential to the production of several secondary metabolites in grasses, in the process of gummosis in trees, and the production of useful metabolites such as alkaloids, pestaloside, cryptocandin, enfumafungin, subglutinols, etc. for the host plant. They are also involved in the production of enzymes, biosurfactants, biocontrol agents and plant growth promoters. As such, it is imperative that we explore these productś€™ industrial applications in the fields of biotechnology, pharmacy and agriculture. This volume will offers a valuable guidance for botanists, microbiologists, biotechnologists, molecular biologists, environmentalists, policymakers, conservationists, and those working for the protection of plant species of agricultural and medicinal importance
    Pages: XI, 291 p. 70 illus. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9783319665443
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    Philadelphia : Mosby/Elsevier
    Call number: QZ269:170(9)
    Keywords: Neoplasms / radiotherapy
    Notes: For online access to this volume please contact the library staff in room D124 (phone 3661, e-mail:
    Pages: xii, 1072 p. : ill.
    Edition: 9th ed.
    ISBN: 9780323049719
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    Call number: QZ365WR500:173
    Keywords: Papillomavirus Infections ; Papillomaviridae
    Description / Table of Contents: Human papillomavirus genomics : past, present and future / Harari, A., Chen, Z., Burk, R.D. -- The biology of human papillomaviruses / Nguyen, H.P., Ramirez-Fort, M.K., Rady, P.L. -- Viral oncogenesis / Doan, H.Q., Ramirez-Fort, M., Rady, P. -- Pathogenesis of infection by human papillomavirus / Brendle, S.A., Bywaters, S.M., Christensen, N.D. -- Host responses to infection with human papillomavirus / Stanley, M.A.; Sterling, J.C. -- Cutaneous human papillomavirus infection : manifestations and diagnosis / Tschandl, P., Rosendahl, C., Kittler, H. -- Epidermodysplasia verruciformis / Burger, B., Itin, P.H. -- Human papillomavirus infections of the oral mucosa and upper respiratory tract / Nguyen, H.P., McNiece, K.L., Duong, A.A., Khan, F. -- Human papillomavirus and immunosuppression / Wieland, U., Kreuter, A., Pfister, H. -- Laboratory diagnosis of human papillomavirus infection / Ikenberg, H. -- Management of cutaneous human papillomavirus infection: pharmacotherapies / Ramirez-Fort, M.K.; Au, S.-C., Javed, S.A., Loo, D.S. -- Management of cutaneous human papillomavirus infection : surgery / Ramirez-Fort, M.K., Sam, H., Manders, E.K. -- Management of cutaneous human papillomavirus infection : management of cutaneous human papillomavirus infection in immunocompromised patients / Varada, S., Posnick, M., Alessa, D., Ramirez-Fort, M.K. -- Anal and colon cancer / Yen Moore, A., Tong, L.X., Moore, T. -- Management of human papillomavirus-related head and neck cancer / Coughlin, A.M., Qiu, S., Underbrink, M.P. -- Vaccines and immunization against human papillomavirus / Christensen, N.D., Budgeon, L.R
    Pages: vii, 271p. : ill.
    ISBN: 9783318025262
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    Totowa : Humana Press
    Associated volumes
    Call number: QH506:60/437
    Pages: x, 251 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 1588298914
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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Agriculture ; Botany ; Plant breeding ; Life sciences ; Agriculture ; Plant Sciences ; Plant Genetics & Genomics ; Plant Breeding/Biotechnology ; Life Sciences, general ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Preface -- 1. Cereal Genomics: Excitements, Challenges and Opportunities: Pushpendra K. Gupta, and Rajeev K. Varshney -- 2. Array-Based High-Throughput Dna Markers And Genotyping Platforms For Cereal Genetics And Genomics: Pushpendra K. Gupta, Sachin Rustgi, Reyazul R. Mir -- 3. Sequence based DNA markers and genotyping for cereal genomics and breeding: David Edwards, Pushpendra K. Gupta -- 4. Application of next-generation sequencing technologies for genetic diversity analysis in cereals: Seifollah Kiani, Alina Akhunova, Eduard Akhunov -- 5. Genome sequencing and comparative genomics in cereals: Xi-Yin Wang, Andrew H. Paterson -- 6. Transposons in cereals: shaping genomes and driving their evolution: Jan P. Buchmann, Beat Keller, Thomas Wicker -- 7. Functional Annotation of Plant Genomes: Vindhya Amarasinghe et al -- 8. Different Omics Approaches In Cereals And Their Possible Implications For Developing A System Biology Approach To Study The Mechanism Of Abiotic Stress Tolerance: Palakolanu Sudhakar Reddy, Nese Sreenivasulu -- 9. Functional Genomics of Seed Development in Cereals: Ming Li et al -- 10. Genomics of cereal-based functional foods: Nidhi Rawat, Barbara Laddomada, Bikram S. Gill -- 11. QTL Mapping: Methodology and Applications in Cereal Breeding: Pushpendra K. Gupta, Pawan L. Kulwal, Reyazul R. Mir -- 12. Molecular Genetic Basis of THE Domestication Syndrome in Cereals: Tao Sang, Jiayang Li -- 13. High-throughput and precision phenotyping for cereal breeding programs: Boddupalli M. Prasanna -- 14. Marker-Assisted Selection in Cereals: Platforms, Strategies and Examples: Yunbi Xu et al -- Index
    Abstract: During the last decades, major advances have been made in the field of cereal genomics. For instance, high-density genetic maps, physical maps, QTL maps and even draft genome sequence have become available for several cereal species. This has been facilitated by the development of next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, so that, it is now possible to sequence genomes of hundreds or thousands of accessions of an individual cereal crop. Significant amounts of data generated using these latest NGS technologies created a demand for computational tools to analyse this massive data. These developments related to technology and the tools, along with their applications not only to plant and genome biology but also to breeding have been documented in this volume. The volume, entitled “Cereal Genomics II”, therefore supplements the earlier edited volume “Cereal Genomics” published in 2004. The new volume has updated chapters, from the leading authorities in their fields, on molecular markers, next generation sequencing platform and their use for QTL analysis, domestication studies, functional genomics and molecular breeding. In addition, there are also chapters on computational genomics, whole genome sequencing and comparative genomics of cereals. The book should prove useful to students, teachers and young research workers as a ready reference to the latest information on cereal genomics
    Pages: : digital.
    Edition: 2nd ed. 2013.
    ISBN: 9789400764019
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    Call number: 2020:64
    Keywords: Diagnostic bacteriology / Handbooks, manuals, etc ; Bacteria / Classification ; BAKTERIUM / SYSTEMATIK ; Mikrobiologie / Arbeitsmethodik
    Pages: xix, 331 p. : ill.
    Edition: 3rd ed. / edited and rev. by G.I. Barrow and R.K.A. Feltham.
    ISBN: 0521326117
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    2020:64 departmental collection or stack – please contact the library
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    Call number: WI301:7
    Keywords: Duodenum / pathology ; Stomach / pathology ; Diagnostic Imaging ; Duodenal Diseases / diagnosis ; Stomach Diseases / diagnosis
    Pages: x, 262 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 9783540424628
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