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    Call number: QZ365WR500:173
    Keywords: Papillomavirus Infections ; Papillomaviridae
    Description / Table of Contents: Human papillomavirus genomics : past, present and future / Harari, A., Chen, Z., Burk, R.D. -- The biology of human papillomaviruses / Nguyen, H.P., Ramirez-Fort, M.K., Rady, P.L. -- Viral oncogenesis / Doan, H.Q., Ramirez-Fort, M., Rady, P. -- Pathogenesis of infection by human papillomavirus / Brendle, S.A., Bywaters, S.M., Christensen, N.D. -- Host responses to infection with human papillomavirus / Stanley, M.A.; Sterling, J.C. -- Cutaneous human papillomavirus infection : manifestations and diagnosis / Tschandl, P., Rosendahl, C., Kittler, H. -- Epidermodysplasia verruciformis / Burger, B., Itin, P.H. -- Human papillomavirus infections of the oral mucosa and upper respiratory tract / Nguyen, H.P., McNiece, K.L., Duong, A.A., Khan, F. -- Human papillomavirus and immunosuppression / Wieland, U., Kreuter, A., Pfister, H. -- Laboratory diagnosis of human papillomavirus infection / Ikenberg, H. -- Management of cutaneous human papillomavirus infection: pharmacotherapies / Ramirez-Fort, M.K.; Au, S.-C., Javed, S.A., Loo, D.S. -- Management of cutaneous human papillomavirus infection : surgery / Ramirez-Fort, M.K., Sam, H., Manders, E.K. -- Management of cutaneous human papillomavirus infection : management of cutaneous human papillomavirus infection in immunocompromised patients / Varada, S., Posnick, M., Alessa, D., Ramirez-Fort, M.K. -- Anal and colon cancer / Yen Moore, A., Tong, L.X., Moore, T. -- Management of human papillomavirus-related head and neck cancer / Coughlin, A.M., Qiu, S., Underbrink, M.P. -- Vaccines and immunization against human papillomavirus / Christensen, N.D., Budgeon, L.R
    Pages: vii, 271p. : ill.
    ISBN: 9783318025262
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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Agriculture ; Microbiology ; Plant breeding ; Life sciences ; Plant Breeding/Biotechnology ; Agriculture ; Microbiology ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Microphos: Principles, Production and Application Strategies -- Mechanism of Phosphate Solubilization and Physiological Functions of Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms -- Factors Affecting Phosphate Solubilizing Activity of Microbes: Current Status -- Phosphate Solubilizing Fungi: Impact on Growth and Development of Economically Important Plants -- Cold-Tolerant Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms and Agriculture Development in Mountainous Regions of the World -- Role of Phosphate Solubilizing Actinomycetes in Plant Growth Promotion: Current Perspective -- Ecological Diversity, Mechanism and Biotechnology of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria for Enhanced Crop Production -- Response of PSM Inoculation to Certain Legumes and Cereal Crops -- Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria Improves Nutrient Uptake in Aerobic Rice -- Role of Phosphate Solubilizing Microbes in the Management of Plant Diseases -- Microbial Consortium of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Improves the Performance of Plants Growing in Stressed-soils: An Overview -- Inoculation Impact of Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms on Growth and Development of Vegetable Crops
    Abstract: This book provides a comprehensive description of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms and highlights methods for the use of microphos in different crop production systems. The focus is on understanding both the basic and applied aspects of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms and how phosphorus-deficient soils can be transformed into phosphorus-rich ones by applying phosphate solubilizing microorganisms. The interaction of rhizosphere phosphate solubilizing microorganisms and environmental variables, as well as their importance in the production of crops such as legumes, cereals, vegetables etc. are discussed and considered. The use of cold-tolerant phosphate solubilizing microorganisms to enhance crop productivity in mountainous regions is examined, as are the ecological diversity and biotechnological implications of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms. Lastly, the role of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms in aerobic rice cultivation is highlighted. This volume offers a broad overview of plant disease management using phosphate solubilizing microbes and presents strategies for the management of cultivated crops. It will therefore be of special interest to both academics and professionals working in the fields of microbiology, soil microbiology, biotechnology and agronomy, as well as the plant protection sciences. This timely reference book provides an essential and comprehensive source of material, as it includes recent findings on phosphate solubilizing microorganisms and their role in crop production
    Pages: XIV, 297 p. 28 illus., 23 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9783319082165
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    Philadelphia, PA : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins/Wolters Kluwer
    Call number: WN110:15(5) ; E040:154
    Keywords: Health Physics ; Radiotherapy ; Radiometry
    Description / Table of Contents: Structure of matter -- Nuclear transformations -- Production of x-rays -- Clinical radiation generators -- Interactions of ionizing radiation -- Measurement of ionizing radiation -- Quality of x-ray beams -- Measurement of absorbed dose -- Dose distribution and scatter analysis -- A system of dosimetric calculations -- Treatment planning i : isodose distributions -- Treatment planning ii : patient data acquisition, treatment verification, and -- Inhomogeneity corrections -- Treatment planning iii: field shaping, skin dose, and field separation -- Electron beam therapy -- Low-dose-rate brachytherapy: rules of implantation and dose specification -- Radiation protection -- Quality assurance -- Total body irradiation -- Three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy -- Intensity-modulated radiation therapy -- Stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery -- Stereotactic body radiation therapy -- High-dose-rate brachytherapy -- Prostate implants: technique, dosimetry, and treatment planning -- Intravascular brachytherapy -- Image-guided radiation therapy -- Proton beam therapy
    Notes: For online access to this volume please contact the library staff in room D124 (phone 3661, e-mail:
    Pages: xi, 572 pages : illustrations.
    Edition: 5th edition.
    ISBN: 9781451182453
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    E040:154 departmental collection or stack – please contact the library
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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Proteins ; Plant physiology ; Life sciences ; Plant physiology ; Protein Science ; Protein Structure ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: 1. Osmolyte Accumulation and Implications in Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance -- 2. Contribution of Osmolyte Accumulation to Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Wild Plants Adapted to Different Stressful Environments -- 3. Salinity Tolerance: Growth, Mineral Nutrients and Roles of Organic Osmolytes – Case of Lygeum Spartum L. – A Review -- 4. Roles of Osmolytes in Plants Adaptation to Drought and Salinity -- 5. Glycine betaine: Role in shifting plants towards adaptation under extreme environments -- 6. Metabolic Engineering of Compatible Solute -Trehalose for Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants -- 7. Polyamines: osmoprotectants in plant abiotic stress adaptation -- 8. Evaluating the Importance of Proline in Cadmium Tolerance and its Interaction with Phytohormones -- 9. Proline Accumulation in Plants: Roles in Stress Tolerance and Plant Development
    Abstract: The continual change in climatic conditions induces a series of adaptations in plants to suit the unfavorable conditions for sustainable agriculture. For sustainable agriculture, it is important to unravel the precise mechanism(s) that disturb the homeostatic equilibrium at cellular and molecular level and also to enhance understanding to build strategies for the tolerance of plants. Osmolytes have long been identified as pivotal abiotic stress busters because of their role in plants in overcoming extremely harsh environmental conditions. This edited compilation attempts to put forth the scattered knowledge on osmolytes and their role in abiotic stress tolerance together and disseminate as a package to deal with the problems of lower productivity under stressful environment. It will enhance the understanding on osmolytes function and bioengineering of plants for abiotic stress tolerance. The book covers very interesting topics dealing with various osmolytes and the mechanistic approach for abiotic stress tolerance to pave the path of agricultural scientists, breeders for developing high yielding sustainable transgenic crops
    Pages: XI, 170 p. 21 illus., 9 illus. in color. : online resource.
    Edition: 1st ed. 2016.
    ISBN: 9788132226161
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Biomedicine ; Biomedicine general ; Springer eBooks
    Pages: : digital
    ISBN: 9789048193493
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    Cham : Springer
    Keywords: Life sciences ; Geography ; Forests and forestry ; Environmental management ; Soil conservation ; Life sciences ; Forestry ; Soil Science & Conservation ; Earth Sciences, general ; Forestry Management ; Environmental management ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Rocks, Minerals and Soils -- Physical Properties of Forest Soils.-℗ Chemical Properties of Forest Soils,- Organic Matter of Forest Soils -- Biological Properties of Forest Soils -- Nutrient Dynamics in Forest Soil -- Forest Types and Their Associated Soils -- Forest Disturbances and Soil Degradation -- Forest Soil and Climate Change -- Objectives of Forest Soil Management -- Index
    Abstract: Forest soil characteristics are not only unique but their interpretation also differs from cropland soils. Just as there are diverse forest types, there are many soil variants that need different management. Today, forest plantations are being intensively managed for profitable timber, pulpwood and energy production. Site selection, species selection, site productivity evaluation, silvicultural treatments, and soil amendments need crucial soil information. ℗ This book provides a comprehensive overview of the physical, chemical and biological properties of forest soils and their implications on forest vegetation. Topics discussed include: ℗ ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ major forest types of the world and their associated soils ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ forest biomass and nutrient dynamics ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ organic matter turnover and nutrient recycling ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ forest soil disturbance ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ forest soil and climate change ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ forest soil management and silvicultural treatments ℗ The text leads the reader from the basics to a comprehensive understanding of forest soil science.℗ Study questions at the end of each chapter help to reinforce concepts. ℗ While the text will be of particular interest to undergraduate students in grasping the fundamentals, it will also be of interest to graduate students and professionals in forestry, agroforestry and soil science, including those involved in nursery operations and plantation management
    Pages: XI, 217 p. 86 illus., 66 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9783319025414
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    Baltimore : Williams & Wilkins
    Call number: 08-Onk
    Keywords: Cancer / Radiotherapy ; Neoplasms / radiotherapy ; Radiotherapy Planning, Computer-Assisted ; Radiation Oncology / methods
    Pages: xxvi, 645 p. : ill. (some col.)
    ISBN: 0683046071
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    08-Onk departmental collection or stack – please contact the library
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    Totowa, NJ : Springer Science+Business Media, LLC
    Keywords: Medicine ; Toxicology ; Analytical biochemistry ; Forensic Medicine ; Medicine & Public Health ; Forensic Medicine ; Analytical Chemistry ; Pharmacology/Toxicology ; Springer eBooks
    Pages: : digital
    ISBN: 9781597454377
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Pharmaceutical technology ; Biomedicine ; Pharmaceutical Sciences/Technology ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Biodegradable Polymers for Focal Delivery Systems -- Implantable Medical Devices -- Systemic Targeting Systems-EPR Effect, Ligand Targeting Systems -- Liposomal formulations for Focal and Targeted Drug Delivery in Cancer and Other Diseases -- Polymer Drug Conjugate in Focal Drug Delivery -- Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Aspects of Focal and Targeted Delivery of Drugs -- Treatment of Brain Tumors -- Intranasal Delivery of Neuropeptide-Loaded Nanoparticles and Their Application to Nervous System Therapeutics -- Focal Drug Delivery in Inner Ear Therapy -- Nanotechnology Based Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System -- Site Specific Ocular Nucleic Acid Delivery -- Topical Iontophoresis for Targeted Local Drug Delivery to the Eye and Skin -- Local Drug Delivery to the Oral Cavity -- Focal Drug Delivery for Management of Oral Infections -- Segmental-Dependent Drug Absorption and Delivery: The Stomach -- ℗ Segmental-Dependent Drug Absorption and Delivery: The Intestinal Tract -- Nanotechnology Applications in Local Arterial Drug Delivery -- Drug Eluting Stents -- Drug-Eluting Vascular Grafts -- Delivery Systems for Lymphatic Targeting -- Spatio-temporal Focal Delivery of Dual Regenerating Factors for Osteochondral Defect Repair -- Spatio-temporal Focal Delivery of Dual Regenerating Factors for Osteochondral Defect Repair -- Polymer Based Drug Delivery Systems for Solid Tumor Treatment -- Topical Nanointerventions for Therapeutic and Cosmeceutical Applications -- Focal Drug Delivery to the Nail -- Drug Delivery to Wounds, Burns and Diabetes Related Ulcers -- Vaginal Drug Delivery -- Prolonged Duration Local Anesthesia
    Abstract: The concept of Focal Drug Delivery has been applied for treating illnesses that are localized to a certain tissue or organ. These delivery systems are applied directly to the diseased site and deliver a desired dose for an extended time period while minimizing systemic distribution of toxic drug. Despite the upsurge of interest in focal targeted drug delivery, there is currently no single reference text on this subject.℗ Thus, the aim of the proposed book ́€œFocal Controlled Drug Deliverý€ is to bring together leading experts and researchers in this field to provide an authoritative account of the essential pharmaceutical, technological, physiological and biological sciences underpinning the topic.℗ This book contains two sections- first section includes fundamental introductory chapters for focal drug delivery whereas, second section includes chapters describing drug delivery to body sites/system. The book allows clinical, pharmaceutical and biological scientists to offer their own perspectives on the subject, making it of potential interest to a wider audience than just drug delivery scientists. ABRAHAM J. DOMB is Professor for Medicinal Chemistry and Biopolymers at the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. He earned Bacheloŕ€™s degrees in Chemistry, Pharmacy and Law studies and PhD degree in Chemistry from Hebrew University. He did his postdoctoral training at MIT and Harvard Univ. USA and was R&D manager at Nova Pharm. Co. Baltimore USA during 1988-1992. During 2007-2012 he headed the Division of Identification and Forensic Sciences of the Israel Police. His primary research interests are in biopolymers, controlled drug delivery, cancer therapy, nanoparticulate systems, and forensic sciences. WAHID KHAN obtained his Masteŕ€™s and PhD in Pharmaceutics at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical & Educational Research (NIPER) Mohali India and worked with Prof. Abraham J. Domb in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel for his post doctoral research. Currently, he is working as Assistant Professor in Department of Pharmaceutics, NIPER, Hyderabad, India. He is having experience of working in areas of drug delivery, drug targeting, nanomedicine and biodesign of implantable medical devices. Dr. Khan has also won various national and international awards and fellowships including- Israel government prestigious PBC fellowships for outstanding Post-doctoral Researcher, Valazzi-Pikovsky and Lady Davis fellowship award
    Pages: XVII, 700 p. 100 illus., 75 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9781461494348
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    Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Blackwell
    Call number: QZ208:146(2)
    Keywords: Cancer / Molecular aspects ; Cancer / Genetic aspects ; Cancer cells
    Pages: xii, 620 p.
    Edition: 2nd ed.
    ISBN: 9781118022870
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    QZ208:146(2) available
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