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    Amsterdam : Academic Press
    Call number: QH442:168 ; ATV-GEN:120
    Keywords: Gene Therapy / methods ; Adenoviridae ; Genetic Vectors / therapeutic use
    Pages: xxviii, 677 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 0121995046
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    Call number: E010:27 ; E020:86
    Keywords: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Pages: xvi, 479 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 9789814745703
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Immunology ; Vaccines ; Neurosciences ; Virology ; Biomedicine ; Virology ; Neurosciences ; Immunology ; Vaccine ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Forward -- Preface -- Multidisciplinary Approach to HIV/AIDS: Historical Perspective -- Global Issues in NeuroAIDS -- HIV-1 related Central Nervous System Diseases: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Treatment ́€“ An Indian Scenario -- HIV-1 Diversity in Brazil -- HIV and SIV Evolution -- Human Brain Imaging in HIV and NeuroAIDS -- HIV Neuroinvasion.-Neuropathology of HIV-1 Disease -- HIV-related Peripheral Nervous System Illness -- The Role of Early Life Programming in Vulnerability and Resilience in Relation to HIV -- Neurocognition in Viral Suppressed HIV-Infected Children -- Psychiatric Comorbidities in HIV-Infection -- Toward an Iterative Approach to Preventing HIV Risk Among Young MSM -- NeuroAIDS in Drug Abusers - Associations with Oral Manifestations -- Socioepidemiology of Injection Drug Users in Miami and HIV-1B Envelope (V1-V5) Genetic Diversity: A Preliminary Study -- The persistence of HIV associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND) in the era of combined antiretroviral therapy (cART) -- Antiretroviral Therapy - Brain Penetration -- Molecular Mechanisms of Cognitive Impairment in Patients with HIV Infection: Application of Bioinformatics and Data-Mining -- Genetic, Epigenetic, and Transcriptomic Studies of NeuroAIDS -- NeuroAIDS: A Review of Gene Expression in Neurons, Astrocytes and Oligodendrocytes -- Neuronal Apoptotic Pathways in HIV Associated Dementia, Alzheimeŕ€™s Disease, Parkinsoń€™s Disease, and Huntington's Disease -- Clinical Relevance of Humanized Mice -- HIV and Stroke -- Hepatitis C and HIV Neurological Implications -- Central Nervous System Reactivation of Chagas Disease in Immuno-compromised Patients with HIV/AIDS -- Central Nervous System Tuberculosis -- Neurosyphilis and HIV infection -- Orthopoxviruses and Human Disease -- Opportunistic Neurologic Infections in Patients Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus -- Zika Virus and HIV/AIDS -- Global Convergent Translational Science for Neuro-Involvement in Ebola Viral Disease: ℗ Lessons Learned from Neuro-AIDS -- Sequence Accuracy in Primary Databases: A case study on HIV-1B -- Amyloidogenic Pattern Prediction of HIV-1 Proteins -- On the Potential for Multiscale Oscillatory Behavior in HIV -- Short oligo-peptide T-cell epitopes in HIV-1/AIDS vaccine development: Current status, design, promises and challenges -- HIV-1 Envelope (ENV) GP160 trimer protein complex SPIKE as a recombinant macro-molecular assembly vaccine component candidate ́€“ Current opinion -- Gene Therapy Blueprints for NeuroAIDS -- Biostatistical Concerns in HIV Research
    Abstract: This book on NeuroAIDS, a collection of chapters written by experts and specialists from around the world, provides a global perspective on HIV and NeuroAIDS in the field, clinic, and laboratory. The chapters address the comorbidity of HIV and other infectious agents, including Zika virus, Ebola, Chagas disease, TB and HCV. Also discussed are key topics, such as: ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ Molecular socioepidemiology ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ Global HIV and NeuroAIDS ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ Neuropathology ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ cART and blood-brain barrier penetration ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ HIV replicative oscillations ℗ʺ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ ℗ HIV and SIV evolution ℗ʺ ℗ ℗ ℗ Psychiatric comorbidities ℗ʺ ℗ ℗ ℗ Neurosyphilis ℗ʺ ℗ ℗ ℗ The examination of current and innovative models of translational research to translational effectiveness
    Pages: XII, 1067 p. 48 illus., 15 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9781493972906
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    Edinburgh : Elsevier Saunders
    Call number: B060:148
    Keywords: Nervous System / anatomy & histology ; Nervous System Diseases / physiopathology
    Notes: 4th ed. has title: Clinical neuroanatomy and related neuroscience.
    Pages: xi, 428 p. : ill.
    Edition: 5th ed.
    ISBN: 978-1-4160-3445-2
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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Life sciences ; Life Sciences, general ; Springer eBooks
    Abstract: 〈p〉These proceedings present the latest achievements and developments within the scientific community of fur animal research organised by the International Fur Animal Scientific Association (IFASA). The book contains papers on the following topics: nutrition, feeding and management, health and disease, breeding, genetics and reproduction, behaviour and welfare and a theme on 'WelFur for mink and foxes'. The scientific results presented do not only come from traditional mink producing countries, but also from countries with more recent developments in fur animal production. 〈br〉〈br〉The scientific community in the field of fur animal production is small, but the biologic diversity and thus the need for scientifically based knowledge in this area is similar to, or often exceeds, that of other farm animals. In this book, the most diverse and recent advancements in fur animal production were brought together in order to provide a clear overview for all those involved in the fur animal industry. 〈/p〉
    Pages: Approx. 495 p. 67 illus. : digital.
    ISBN: 9789086867608
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    Heidelberg : Spektrum Akad. Verl.
    Call number: S030:67 ; Z060:18
    Keywords: Cloning, Molecular ; DNA, Recombinant / analysis ; Sequence Analysis, DNA
    Notes: Transl of: Gene cloning and DNA analysis. 4th ed.
    Pages: xiii, 409 p. : col. ill.
    Edition: 3. Aufl.
    ISBN: 3-8274-1302-8
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    Call number: C0300:185
    Keywords: Cancer / Prevention ; Antioxidants ; Nutrition / Health aspects
    Notes: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Natural Antioxidants and Anticarcinogens in Nutrition, Health and Disease, held on 24-27 June 1998 in Helsinki, Finland - t.p. verso
    Pages: xii, 465 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 085404793X
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    London : Butterworths
    Call number: QS525:24(4)
    Keywords: Cytodiagnosis / Technique ; Histochemistry / Technique ; Pathology, Cellular / Techniques
    Notes: Rev. ed. of: Handbook of histopathological and histochemical techniques. 3rd ed. 1974.
    Pages: vii, 642 p. : ill.
    Edition: 4th ed.
    ISBN: 0407729038
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    Call number: W310:172
    Keywords: Wireless LANs ; IEEE 802.11 (Standard) ; IEEE 802.11 (Standard) ; Wireless LANs
    Notes: Includes index.
    Pages: xxviii, 480 pages : illustrations
    Edition: 2nd edition.
    ISBN: 9781587144301
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    Call number: QZ200Z:11/16/Suppl1
    Keywords: Breast Neoplasms
    Notes: At head of title: European Organization for Research on Treatment of Cancer (EORTC).
    Pages: viii, 299 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 9780080258867
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    QZ200Z:11/16/Suppl1 available
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