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    London : HPS
    Keywords: Scaling laws (Statistical physics) ; Strength of materials. ; Structural analysis (Engineering)
    Pages: xii, 280 p.
    ISBN: 1-417-52667-X
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    Keywords: RNA-ligand interactions ; Biochemistry ; Toxicology ; Protein-Ligand Interactions ; Protein Science ; Pharmacology/Toxicology ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Nuclear Receptors: A Historical Perspective -- An Optimized Immunoblotting Protocol for Accurate Detection of Endogenous PGC-1α Isoforms in Various Rodent Tissues -- Sub-Cellular Localization of NR4A2 Orphan Nuclear Receptor Expression in Human and Mouse Synovial Joint Tissue -- In Vivo Quantitation of Estrogen Receptor b Subtype Expression in Ovarian Surface Epithelium Using Immunofluorescence Profiling and Confocal Microscopy -- In Vivo ChIP-Seq of Nuclear Receptors: A Rough Guide to Transform Frozen Tissues into High Confidence Genome-Wide Binding Profiles -- High-Content Analysis of Constitutive Androstane Receptor Nuclear Translocation -- Antibody Validation Strategy for Nuclear Receptors -- Immunofluorescence Labeling of Nuclear Receptor Expression in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissue -- Detection of ADP-Ribosylation of the Androgen Receptor Using the Recombinant Macrodomain AF1521 from Archaeoglobus fulgidus -- Reconstitution of the Steroid Receptor Heterocomplex -- High-Throughput Imaging of PPIX Using Confocal Microscopy -- PGC-1α Overexpression via Local In Vivo Transfection in Mouse Skeletal Muscle -- A Reverse Transfection Method for Screening of Nuclear Receptor Activators -- Hybrid Reporter Gene Assays: Versatile In Vitro Tools to Characterize Nuclear Receptor Modulators -- Analysis of the Transcriptional Activity of Retinoic Acid-Related Orphan Receptors (RORs) and Inhibition by Inverse Agonists -- Examining the Role of Nuclear Receptors during In Vivo Chemical-Mediated Breast Tumorigenesis -- Analysis of IL-4/STAT6 Signaling in Macrophages -- Isolation and Characterization of Adipose Tissue Macrophages -- Assessing Mitochondrial Bioenergetics in Isolated Mitochondria from Mouse Heart Tissues Using Oroboros 2k-Oxygraph -- Generation of Skeletal Myocytes from Embryonic Stem Cells through Nuclear Receptor Signaling -- Obtaining Crystals of PPARγ Ligand Binding Domain Bound to Small Molecules -- Molecular Modeling Approach to Study the PPARγ-Ligand Interactions -- High Dimensional Data Approaches to Understanding Nuclear Hormone Receptor Signaling
    Abstract: This volume presents valuable techniques for studying the class of ligand-activated transcription factors known as nuclear receptors. After a brief overview of the history of the field, chapters cover methods to detect the receptors and their mRNAs in various tissues, protocols to characterize nuclear receptor modulators and activities, their signaling and roles in certain pathogenesis, molecular modeling of nuclear receptor-ligand interactions, as well as the utility of informatics in the field of nuclear receptors. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Authoritative and cutting-edge, Nuclear Receptors: Methods and Experimental Protocols seeks to aid researchers working toward furthering our understanding of these vital receptors and their role in numerous pathological conditions
    Pages: XII, 314 p. 72 illus., 57 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9781493991952
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Surgery ; Medicine & Public Health ; Plastic Surgery ; Surgery ; Springer eBooks
    Pages: : digital
    ISBN: 9781848825130
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    New York, NY : Springer Science+Business Media, LLC
    Keywords: Medicine ; Practice of medicine ; Medicine, Industrial ; Occupational Therapy ; Labor economics ; Psychology, clinical ; Medicine & Public Health ; Occupational Medicine/Industrial Medicine ; Health Psychology ; Labor economics ; Occupational Therapy ; Health Administration ; Springer eBooks
    Pages: : digital
    ISBN: 9781441904287
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    Call number: QZ1Z:32/68
    Keywords: Inflammation
    Pages: vii, 296 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 038709394X
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Gastroenterology ; Oncology ; Medicine & Public Health ; Oncology ; Gastroenterology ; Springer eBooks
    Pages: : digital
    ISBN: 9783642035036
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Human Physiology ; Immunology ; Respiratory organs / Diseases ; Biomedicine ; Human Physiology ; Immunology ; Pneumology/Respiratory System ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: ISOTT from the Beginning: A Tribute to Our Deceased Members (Icons) -- A Compelling Case for the Use of Perioperative Zymogen Protein C for Increased Patient Safety -- Clinical Evaluation of MP4CO: A Phase 1b Escalating-dose, Safety and Tolerability Study in Stable Adult Patients with Sickle Cell Disease -- Protective Effect of Dl-3-n-butylphthalide on Recovery from Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation in Rats -- Hypoxia-Induced Let-7d Has a Role in Pericyte Differentiation -- Magnification of Cholesterol-Induced Membrane Resistance on the Tissue Level: Implications for Hypoxia -- Respiratory Pores on Ostrich Struthio camelus (Aves: Struthionidae) Eggshells -- Evaluation of both Free Radical Scavenging Capacity and Antioxidative Damage Effect of Polydatin -- Spectroscopic Studies on the Interaction of Pyridinoline Cross-linking in Type 1 Collagen with ZIF8-HB -- The Role of Free Radicals in the Photodynamic Treatment of Fibrotic Skin Diseases -- Tumor Hypoxia: Causative Mechanisms, Microregional Heterogeneities, and the Role of Tissue-based Hypoxia Markers -- Molecular Imaging of Tumor Hypoxia: Existing Problems and Their Potential Model-based Solutions -- Direct and Repeated Clinical Measurements of pO2 for Enhancing Cancer Therapy and Other Applications -- Impact of the Tumor Microenvironment on the Expression of Inflammatory Mediators in Cancer Cells -- Comparing the Effectiveness of Methods to Measure Oxygen in Tissues for Prognosis and Treatment of Cancer -- Potential Indexing of the Invasiveness of Breast Cancer Cells by their Mitochondrial Redox Ratios -- Directional Migration of MDA-MB-231 Cells under Oxygen Concentration Gradients -- Stress-induced Stroke and Stomach Cancer: Sex Differences in Oxygen Saturation -- Changes in Oxygenation Levels Precede Changes in Amplitude of the EEG in Premature Infants -- Effects of Positive and Negative Mood Induction on the Prefrontal Cortex Activity measured by Near Infrared Spectroscopy -- Correlation between the Cerebral Oxyhaemoglobin Signal and Physiological Signals during Cycling Exercise: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study -- Effect of Locomotor Respiratory Coupling Induced by Cortical Oxygenated Hemoglobin Levels during Cycle Ergometer Exercise of Light Intensity -- Hypoxia and Neonatal Haemorrhagic Stroke: Experimental Study of Mechanisms -- Interrelationship between Broadband NIRS Measurements of Cerebral Cytochrome C Oxidase and Systemic Changes Indicates Injury Severity in Neonatal Encephalopathy -- PFC Activity Pattern during Verbal WM Task in Healthy Male and Female Subjects: A NIRS Study -- Spatial Distribution of Changes in Oxidised Cytochrome C Oxidase during Visual Stimulation using Broadband Near Infrared Spectroscopy Imaging -- Effects of Physical Exercise on Working Memory and Prefrontal Cortex Function in Post-Stroke Patients -- Relation between Prefrontal Cortex Activity and Respiratory Rate during Mental Stress Tasks: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Study -- Effects of Antioxidant Supplements (BioPQQTM) on Cerebral Blood Flow and Oxygen Metabolism in the Prefrontal Cortex -- Temporal Comparison between NIRS and EEG Signals during a Mental Arithmetic Task Evaluated with Self-Organizing Maps -- The Role of Phonological Processing in Semantic Access of Chinese Characters: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study -- Improvement of Impaired Cerebral Microcirculation using Rheological Modulation by Drag-Reducing Polymers -- Relationship between Cerebral Oxygenation and Metabolism during Rewarming in Newborn Infants after Therapeutic Hypothermia following Hypoxic-ischemic Brain Injury Subhabrata Mitra, Gemma Bale, Judith Meek, Cristina Uria-Avellanal, Nicola J Robertson and Ilias Tachtsidis -- Low Volume Aerobic Training Heightens Muscle Deoxygenation in Early Post-Angina Pectoris Patients -- The Effects of Passive Cycling Exercise for Twenty Minutes on Cardiorespiratory Dynamics in Healthy Men -- Regional Differences of Metabolic Response during Dynamic Incremental Exercise by 31P- CSI -- Muscle Deoxygenation and Its Heterogeneity Changes after Endurance Training -- Response of BAX, Bcl-2 Proteins, and SIRT1/PGC-1α mRNA Expression to 8-Week Treadmill Running in the Aging Rat Skeletal Muscle -- Muscle Oxygen Dynamics during Cycling Exercise in Angina Pectoris Patients -- Chronological Review on Scientific Findings of Bonghan System and Primo Vascular System -- Temporal Change of Alcian Blue-Stained Primo Vascular System in Lymph Vessels of Rat -- Ultrastructure of the Subcutaneous Primo-vascular System in Rat Abdomen -- Effects of Acupuncture Stimulation on Muscle Tissue Oxygenation at Different Points -- Comparison of CWS and Diffusion Theory for Quantification of Optical Properties: Fitting with Multi-Distance vs Multi-Wavelength Data -- Multi-modality Optical Imaging of Rat Kidney Dysfunction: In vivo Response to Various Ischemia Times -- Skeletal Muscle Oxygenation Measured by EPR Oximetry using a Highly Sensitive Polymer-encapsulated Paramagnetic Sensor -- Determination of Optical and Microvascular Parameters of Port Wine Stains Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy -- EPR Oximetry for Investigation of Hyperbaric O2 Pre-treatment for Tumor Radiosensitization -- Design of a Compact, Bimorph Deformable Mirror-based Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope -- Development of Portable, Wireless and Smartphone Controllable Near-Infrared Spectroscopy System -- Monitoring the Oxygen Dynamics of Brain Tissue in vivo by Fast Acousto-Optic Scanning Microscopy: A Proposed Instrument -- Magnetization Transfer MRI Contrast May Correlate with Tissue Redox State in Prostate Cancer -- Comparison of Two Algorithms for Analysis of Perfusion Computed Tomography Data for Evaluation of Cerebral Microcirculation in Chronic Subdural Hematoma -- MMP-14 Triggered Fluorescence Contrast Agent -- Boundary Element Method for Reconstructing Absorption and Diffusion Coefficients of Biological Tissues in DOT/MicroCT Imaging -- Mathematical Model of an Innate Immune Response to Cutaneous Wound in the Presence of Local Hypoxia -- Analytical Expression for the NO Concentration Profile Following NONOate Decomposition in the Presence of Oxygen
    Abstract: This book contains the refereed contributions from the 43rd annual meeting of ISOTT. The annual meetings of ISOTT bring together scientists from various fields (medicine, physiology, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, etc.) in a unique international forum. ISOTT conferences are a place where an atmosphere of interaction is created, where many questions are asked after each presentation and lively discussions occur at a high scientific level. This vivid interaction is the main motivation for members to participate and gain new ideas and knowledge in the broad field of oxygen transport to tissue. The proceedings include sessions covered various research topics including Multi-Modal Imaging/Spectroscopy & Instrumentation; Cancer Metabolism; Cellular Hypoxia and Mitochondrial Function; Brain Oxygenation and Function; Other Organ Function and Metabolism; Oxygen Transport in Sports, Diseases and Clinical Care; Acupuncture, Meridians, and Primo Vascular System; EPR, MRS and MRI
    Pages: XXXIX, 453 p. 140 illus., 71 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9783319388106
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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Gene Expression ; Cytogenetics ; Cell Biology ; Life sciences ; Cell Biology ; Gene Expression ; Cytogenetics ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Mechanisms and biological roles of DNA methylation and DNA methyltransferases – from past achievements to future challenges -- DNA and RNA pyrimidine nucleobase alkylation at the carbon-5 position -- Bacterial DNA methylation and methylomes -- Domain structure of the Dnmt1, Dnmt3a, and Dnmt3b DNA methyltransferases -- Enzymology of mammalian DNA methyltransferases -- Genetic studies on mammalian DNA methyltransferases -- The role of DNA methylation in cancer -- Structure and mechanism of plant DNA methyltransferases -- DNA methylation and gene regulation in honey bees: from genome-wide analyses to obligatory epi-alleles -- N6-methyladenine: a conserved and dynamic DNA mark -- Pathways of DNA demethylation -- Structure and function of TET enzymes -- Proteins that read DNA methylation -- DNA base flipping – a general mechanism for writing, reading, and erasing DNA modifications -- Current and emerging technologies for the analysis of the genome-wide and locus-specific DNA methylation patterns -- DNA methyltransferase inhibitors – development and applications -- Rewriting DNA methylation signatures at will: the curable genome within reach? -- Engineering and directed evolution of DNA methyltransferases -- DNA labeling using DNA methyltransferases
    Abstract: DNA methyltransferases are important enzymes in a broad range of organisms. Dysfunction of DNA methyltransferases in humans leads to many severe diseases, including cancer. This book focuses on the biochemical properties of these enzymes, describing their structures and mechanisms in bacteria, humans and other species, including plants, and also explains the biological processes of reading of DNA methylation and DNA demethylation. It covers many emerging aspects of the biological roles of DNA methylation functioning as an essential epigenetic mark and describes the role of DNA methylation in diseases. Moreover, the book explains modern technologies, like targeted rewriting of DNA methylation by designed DNA methyltransferases, as well as technological applications of DNA methyltransferases in DNA labelling. Finally, the book summarizes recent methods for the analysis of DNA methylation in human DNA. Overall, this book represents a comprehensive state-of-the-art- work and is a must-have for advanced researchers in the field of DNA methylation and epigenetics
    Pages: VIII, 535 p. 61 illus., 57 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9783319436241
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    Keywords: Medicine ; Pathology ; Medicine & Public Health ; Pathology ; Springer eBooks
    ISBN: 9781461417767
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    Keywords: Microbial genetics ; Microbial genomics ; Microbial ecology ; Microbiology ; Biotechnology ; Biochemistry ; Microbial Genetics and Genomics ; Microbial ecology ; Applied Microbiology ; Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology ; Biochemistry, general ; Springer Nature eReference
    Description / Table of Contents: Introduction to Microbial Hydrocarbon Production: Bioenergetics -- Diversity and Taxonomy of Methanogens -- Hydrogenotrophic Methanogenesis -- Ecophysiology of Acetoclastic Methanogens -- Methanogenesis from Carbon Monoxide -- Environmental Constraints that Limit Methanogenesis -- Methanogens: Syntrophic Metabolism -- Methanogenesis in Soils, Wetlands, and Peat -- Methanogenesis in the Digestive Tracts of Insects and Other Arthropods -- Methanogenesis at High Latitudes -- Methanogens and Methanogenesis in Hypersaline Environments -- Metagenomics of Methanogenic Communities in Rice Paddy Rhizosphere; the Importance of Methanocella -- Metagenomics of Methanogenic Communities in Anaerobic Digesters -- Anaerobic Digestion as Key Technology in the Bio-Based Economy -- Oxic Methane Cycling: New Evidence for Methane Formation in Oxic Lake Water -- Contribution of Methane Formation and Methane Oxidation to Methane Emission from Freshwater Systems -- Diversity and Taxonomy of Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Producers -- Alkane Biosynthesis in Bacteria -- Oil and Hydrocarbon-Producing Bacteria.-
    Abstract: The book covers the microbiological, environmental and biotechnological aspects of alkane production. Alkanes are important energy-rich compounds on earth. Microbial synthesis of methane and other alkanes is an essential part of the geochemical cycling of carbon and offers perspectives for our biobased economy. This book discusses different aspects of current knowledge of microbial alkane production. Chapters with state of the art information are written by renowned scientists in the field. The chapters are organised into four themed parts: 1. Biochemistry of Biogenesis - Hydrocarbons 2. Taxonomy, Ecophysiology and Genomics of Biogenesis - Hydrocarbons 3. Biogenic Communities: Members, Functional Roles 4. Global Consequences of Methane Production
    Pages: 66 illus., 45 illus. in color. eReference. : online resource.
    Edition: 1st ed. 2019.
    ISBN: 9783319781082
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