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    ISSN: 1434-4726
    Keywords: Key words Vestibular schwannoma ; Tumor activity ; Vestibular compensation ; Electronystagmography
    Source: Springer Online Journal Archives 1860-2000
    Topics: Medicine
    Notes: Abstract Vestibular function was studied in a group of 121 patients with unilateral vestibular schwannomas who were referred to University Hospital Utrecht between 1986 and 1996. Testing included the caloric test, torsion test, saccade test, smooth pursuit test and the registration of spontaneous nystagmus. Each patient’s symptoms were taken from a chart review. The size of the tumor was expressed as the maximum extrameatal diameter in the axial plane parallel to the petrous ridge as seen in magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography. Large tumors were significantly more often accompanied by a more severe paresis on caloric testing, a smaller gain on torsion testing, spontaneous nystagmus, an abnormal saccade test and an abnormal smooth pursuit test. The presence of spontaneous nystagmus was significantly more frequently combined with an abnormal smooth pursuit and saccade test. There was a significant correlation between the slow component’s velocity of the spontaneous nystagmus and the size and progression of tumor. However, a specific relation between tumor size and central vestibular compensation could not be demonstrated.
    Type of Medium: Electronic Resource
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    Electronic Resource
    Electronic Resource
    New York : Wiley-Blackwell
    Biopolymers 46 (1998), S. 31-37 
    ISSN: 0006-3525
    Keywords: DNA liquid crystals ; DNA fragments ; screened Coulomb interactions ; Chemistry ; Polymer and Materials Science
    Source: Wiley InterScience Backfile Collection 1832-2000
    Topics: Chemistry and Pharmacology
    Notes: The critical volume fractions pertaining to the formation of DNA liquid crystals were obtained from polarization microscopy, 31P-nmr, and phase separation experiments. The DNA length (approximately one to two times the persistence length 50 nm), ionic strength, and counterion variety dependencies are reported. The cholesteric-isotropic transition is interpreted in terms of the coexistence equations, which are derived from the solution free energy including orientational entropy and excluded volume effects. With the wormlike chain as reference system, the electrostatic contribution to the free energy is evaluated as a thermodynamic perturbation in the second virial approximation with a Debye-Hückel potential of mean force. The hard core contribution has been evaluated with scaled particle theory and/or a simple generalization of the Carnahan-Starling equation of state for hard spheres. For sufficiently high ionic strengths, the agreement is almost quantitative. At lower amounts of added salt deviations are observed, which are tentatively attributed to counterion screening effects. The contour length dependence agrees with a DNA persistence length 50 nm. © 1998 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Biopoly 46: 31-37, 1998
    Additional Material: 4 Ill.
    Type of Medium: Electronic Resource
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    Abstract: Numerous genetic loci have been associated with systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) in Europeans(1-3). We now report genome-wide association studies of pulse pressure (PP) and mean arterial pressure (MAP). In discovery (N = 74,064) and follow-up studies (N = 48,607), we identified at genome-wide significance (P = 2.7 x 10(-8) to P = 2.3 x 10(-13)) four new PP loci (at 4q12 near CHIC2, 7q22.3 near PIK3CG, 8q24.12 in NOV and 11q24.3 near ADAMTS8), two new MAP loci (3p21.31 in MAP4 and 10q25.3 near ADRB1) and one locus associated with both of these traits (2q24.3 near FIGN) that has also recently been associated with SBP in east Asians. For three of the new PP loci, the estimated effect for SBP was opposite of that for DBP, in contrast to the majority of common SBP- and DBP-associated variants, which show concordant effects on both traits. These findings suggest new genetic pathways underlying blood pressure variation, some of which may differentially influence SBP and DBP
    Type of Publication: Journal article published
    PubMed ID: 21909110
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