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    Charlottesville, Va : University of Virginia Library
    Keywords: Dostoyevsky, Fyodor,, 1821-1881, Criticism and interpretation.
    ISBN: 0-585-29739-8
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    Raleigh, N.C : Alex Catalogue
    Keywords: Elegiac poetry, English. ; English poetry., lcsh
    ISBN: 0-585-06543-8
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    Charlottesville, Va : University of Virginia Library
    Keywords: Women authors in literature. ; Women authors, American, Criticism and interpretation.
    ISBN: 0-585-20423-3
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    Call number: QA76.7:123(2)
    Keywords: PyRosetta
    Pages: iv, 93 p. : ill.
    Edition: 2nd ed., update.
    ISBN: 9781542402132
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    QA76.7:123(2) available
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    Call number: M100:376
    Keywords: Health Education ; Medical Education ; Medicine / Decision making ; Medicine / Forecasting
    Description / Table of Contents: Health literacy : is the patient the problem? -- Launching the century of the patient / Gerd Gigerenzer and J. A. Muir Gray -- When misinformed patients try to make informed health decisions / Wolfgang Gaissmaier and Gerd Gigerenzer -- Reducing unwarranted variation in clinical practice by supporting clinicians and patients in decision making / Albert G. Mulley, Jr., and John E. Wennberg -- Do patients want shared decision making and how is this measured? / Martin Hañrter and Daniela Simon -- Health illiteracy : roots in research -- Health research agendas and funding / David E. Nelson -- Reporting of research : are we in for better health care by 2020? / Holger Schanemann, Davina Ghersi, Julia Kreis, Gerd Antes, and Jean Bousquet -- Medical journals can be less biased / J. A. Muir Gray -- What is needed for better health care : better systems, better patients or both? / Markus A. Feufel, Gerd Antes, Johann Steurer, Gerd Gigerenzer, J.A. Muir Gray, Marjukka MÃñkelÃñ, Albert G. Mulley, Jr., David E. Nelson, Jay Schulkin, Holger Schanemann, John E. Wennberg, and Claudia Wild -- Health illiteracy : spread to the public -- Statistical illiteracy in doctors / Odette Wegwarth and Gerd Gigerenzer -- Statistical illiteracy in journalism : are its days numbered? / Bruce Bower -- Improving health care journalism / Holger Wormer -- Barriers to health information and building solutions / Talya Miron-Shatz, Ingrid Mahlhauser, Bruce Bower, Michael Diefenbach, Ben Goldacre, Richard S. W. Smith, David Spiegelhalter, and Odette Wegwarth -- Health care 2020 -- How can better evidence be delivered? / Norbert Donner-Banzhoff, Hilda Bastian, Angela Coulter, Glyn Elwyn, Gunther Jonitz, David Klemperer, and Wolf-Dieter Ludwig -- The drug facts box : making informed decisions about prescription drugs possible / Lisa M. Schwartz and Steven Woloshin -- Reengineering medical education / David A. Davis -- The chasm between evidence and practice : extent, causes, and remedies
    Notes: Papers presented at the Ernst Strüngmann Forum held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Oct. 25-30, 2009.
    Pages: xi, 391 p.
    ISBN: 9780262016032
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    M100:376 departmental collection or stack – please contact the library
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    Amsterdam : Elsevier Academic Press
    Call number: QZ266.8:18
    Keywords: Neoplasms / genetics ; Epigenesis, Genetic ; Neoplasms / therapy ; Genetic Therapy
    Pages: xxvi, 721 p. : ill. (some col.)
    ISBN: 9780128002063
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    New York, NY : Springer Science+Business Media, LLC
    Keywords: Life sciences ; Biotechnology ; Cytology ; Microscopy ; Life sciences ; Biological Microscopy ; Cell Biology ; Biotechnology ; Springer eBooks
    Pages: : digital
    ISBN: 9780387781754
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    Call number: 08-REP
    Keywords: Magnetic Resonance Imaging / congresses ; Tumor / Diagnose
    Notes: WINSTON-SALEM (NC) 1981: 1. -3. 10.
    Pages: ix, 201 p. : ill.
    ISBN: 0894591681
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    08-REP departmental collection or stack – please contact the library
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    Keywords: Evolution (Biology) ; Life sciences ; Environmental sciences-Philosoph ; Biology-Philosophy ; Philosophy of nature ; Ecology ; Evolutionary Biology ; Popular Science in Nature and Environment ; Environmental Philosophy ; Philosophy of Biology ; Philosophy of nature ; Ecology ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: Introdution -- Between the Theoretical and the Hypothetical -- Taxonomic Uncertainties -- A Biosphere in Flux -- As Far as the Microscope Reveals -- Human Contradictions -- Varieties of Social Contracts -- Biological Consensus Mechanisms: The Future of Co-Existence
    Abstract: This book is a provocative and invigorating real-time exploration of the future of human evolution by two of the world’s leading interdisciplinary ecologists – Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison. Steeped in a rich multitude of the sciences and humanities, the book enshrines an elegant narrative that is highly empathetic, personal, scientifically wide-ranging and original. It focuses on the geo-positioning of the human Self and its corresponding species. The book's overarching viewpoints and poignant through-story examine and powerfully challenge concepts associated historically with assertions of human superiority over all other life forms. Ultimately, The Hypothetical Species: Variables of Human Evolution is a deeply considered treatise on the ecological and psychological state of humanity and her options – both within, and outside the rubrics of evolutionary research – for survival. This important work is beautifully presented with nearly 200 diverse illustrations, and is introduced with a foreword by famed paleobiologist, Dr. Melanie DeVore
    Pages: X, 318 p. 225 illus., 205 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9783030113193
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    Keywords: Life sciences ; Gene Expression ; Nucleic Acids ; Microbiology ; Life sciences ; Nucleic Acid Chemistry ; Gene Expression ; Eukaryotic Microbiology ; Springer eBooks
    Description / Table of Contents: The mitochondrial transcription machinery -- Mitochondrial RNA turnover in Metazoa -- Mitochondrial RNase P complex in animals: mitochondrial tRNA processing and links to disease -- Intercompartment RNA trafficking in mitochondrial function and communication -- Control mechanisms of the holo-editosome in trypanosomes -- Mitochondrial RNA editing and processing in diplonemid protists -- Mechanisms and evolution of tRNA 5′-editing in mitochondria -- Editing of mitochondrial RNAs in Physarum polycephalum -- Requirement of various protein combinations for each C-to-U RNA editosome in plant organelles
    Abstract: This volume focuses on mitochondrial RNA metabolism, emphasizing recent discoveries and technological advances in this fast moving area that increase our understanding of mitochondrial gene function. Topics addressed include the interplay of mitochondria with the nucleus and cytosol, structure-function connections, and relevance to human disease. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell, and a great deal is known about mitochondrial energy metabolism. Less well known is the plethora of amazing mechanisms that have evolved to control expression of mitochondrial genomes. Several RNA processes and machineries in protozoa, plants, flies and humans are discussed, including: transcription and RNA polymerase mechanism; tRNA processing of 5′ and 3′ ends; mRNA maturation by nucleotide insertion/deletion editing and by RNA splicing; mRNA stability; and RNA import. Specialized factors and ribonucleoproteins (RNPs) examined include pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) proteins, RNase P, polymerases, helicases, nucleases, editing and repair enzymes. Remarkable features of these processes and factors are either not found outside mitochondria, differ substantially among eukaryotic lineages, or are unique in biology
    Pages: IX, 249 p. 39 illus., 37 illus. in color. : online resource.
    ISBN: 9783319781907
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