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Applied Bioinformatics : An Introduction (2018)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Life sciences ; Chemoinformatics ; Bioinformatics ; Computational Biology ; Life sciences ; Bioinformatics ; Computer Appl. in Life Sciences ; Computational Biology/Bioinformatics ; Computer Applications in Chemistry ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: The Biological Foundations of Bioinformatics -- Biological databases -- Sequence Comparisons and Sequence-Based Database Searches -- The decoding of eukaryotic genomes -- Protein Structures and Structure-Based Rational Drug Design -- The Functional Analysis of Genomes -- Comparative genome analyses
Abstract: This book introduces readers to the basic principles of bioinformatics and the practical application and utilization of computational tools, without assuming any prior background in programming or informatics. It provides a coherent overview of the complex field and focuses on the implementation of online tools, genome databases and software that can benefit scientists and students in the life sciences. Training tutorials with practical bioinformatics exercises and solutions facilitate the understanding and application of such tools and interpretation of results. In addition, a glossary explains terminology that is widely used in the field. This straightforward introduction to applied bioinformatics offers an essential resource for students, as well as scientists seeking to understand the basis of sequencing analysis, functional genomics and protein structure predictions
Pages: XVI, 183 p. 76 illus., 69 illus. in color. : online resource.
Edition: 2nd ed.
ISBN: 9783319683010
Basic Concepts in Clinical Biochemistry : A Practical Guide (2018)
Singapore : Springer Singapore
Keywords: Medicine ; Laboratory Medicine ; Biomedical Engineering ; Biotechnology ; Medical Biochemistry ; Biochemistry ; Biomedicine ; Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology ; Biochemistry, general ; Medical Biochemistry ; Biotechnology ; Laboratory Medicine ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Common clinical laboratory hazards and waste disposal -- Blood collection and preservation -- Quality Control in laboratory -- Automation in clinical laboratory -- Photometry-Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer -- Preparation of general laboratory solutions and buffers -- Examination of urine for normal constituents -- To perform qualitative tests for urinary proteins -- To determine the quantity of proteins in urine sample using Biuret reaction -- To estimate the amount of total protein and albumin in serum and to find A/G ratio -- To perform qualitative test for reducing substances in urine -- Quantitative analysis of reducing sugars in urine -- Estimation of blood glucose levels by Glucose Oxidase method -- Estimation of blood glucose levels by Folin and Wu method -- To perform Glucose Tolerance Test -- Estimation of urea in serum and urine -- To determine urea clearance -- To estimate creatinine level in serum and urine by Jaff這s reaction -- To determine creatinine clearance -- To determine the uric acid concentration in serum and urine -- Estimation of total calcium in serum and urine -- Estimation of inorganic phosphorus in serum and urine -- To estimate the amount of total cholesterol in serum -- To estimate total and direct bilirubin in serum -- To determine Alanine and℗ Aspartate Transaminases activity in serum -- To estimate the activity of alkaline phosphatase in serum -- To estimate the activity of acid phosphatase in serum -- To determine serum and urinary amylase activity -- To estimate the activity of lipase in serum -- Qualitative analysis of ketone bodies in urine -- Qualitative test for bile pigments and urobilinogen in urine -- Determination of total lactate dehydrogenase activity in serum -- To measure the activity of Creatine kinase-MB and Total Creatine kinase in serum -- Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid for proteins and sugars -- To analyze lipid profile from given serum sample -- To determine sodium and potassium in serum by using Flame photometry -- To perform Radioimmunoassay -- To perform Enzyme linked Immunosorbant assay -- Some important case studies
Abstract: This book is a practical guidebook in biochemistry, for medical as well as life sciences' students.℗ The book covers reference values, sample collection procedure and detailed protocol to perform experiments. Each experiment starts with a brief introduction of the protocol, followed by specimen requirements and procedure. The procedures are presented in a very lucid manner and discuss details of calculations and clinical interpretations,The book is divided into 29 chapters, It offers references, general guidelines and abbreviations and provides principles and procedures of clinical biochemistry tests, along with their diagnostic importance
Pages: XXII, 175 p. 30 illus., 18 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9789811081866
Modern thoracic oncology (2018)
New Jersey : World Scientific
Call number: QZ365WF658:175/1 ; QZ365WF658:175/2 ; QZ365WF658:175/3
Keywords: Thoracic Neoplasms
Description / Table of Contents: Volume 1. Introduction -- Volume 2. Trachea, lung, and pleura -- Volume 3. Esophagus, mediastinum, chest wall, and diaphragm
ISBN: 9789814725514
Resistance to Anti-Cancer Therapeutics Targeting Receptor Tyrosine Kinases and Downstream Pathways (2018)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Resistance of colorectal tumors to anti-EGFR antibodies -- Resistance of lung cancer to kinase inhibitors specific to EGFR or ALK -- Mechanisms of action and resistance of trastuzumab in breast cancer -- Mechanisms of resistance to molecular therapies targeting the HGF/MET axis -- RAF, MEK and ERK inhibitors as anti-cancer drugs: intrinsic and acquired resistance as a major therapeutic challenge -- Mechanisms of resistance to PI3K and AKT inhibitors -- Sensitivity and resistance to BH3 mimetics in cancer therapy -- Resistance mechanisms to cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors -- Resistance to inhibitors of angiogenesis
Abstract: This volume comprehensively covers the multiplicity and diversity of mechanisms underlying patient resistance to currently approved anti-cancer drugs, including tyrosine kinase inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies, blockers of growth factor receptors and their downstream pathways, which play essential functions in cancer progression. Each chapter will cover a specific group of targets and the cognate drugs, along with molecular modes of innate and evolving resistance
Pages: XX, 242 p. 22 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319679327
Hereditary Colorectal Cancer : Genetic Basis and Clinical Implications (2018)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Medical genetics ; Oncology ; Biomedicine ; Gene Function ; Oncology ; Cancer Research ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Part1 : GENETIC CAUSES AND ASSOCIATED PHENOTYPES- Lynch syndrome -- The molecular basis of Lynch-like syndrome -- Constitutional mismatch repair deficiency -- Mismatch repair proficient hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer -- Genetic and environmental modifiers of risk in Lynch syndrome -- ADENOMATOUS POLYPOSIS SYNDROMES- Introduction -- Familial adenomatous polyposis -- Polymerase proofreading-associated polyposis -- MUTYH-associated polyposis -- NTHL1-associated polyposis -- Germline biallelic inactivation of MMR genes (with polyposis phenotype) -- Unexplained adenomatous polyposis -- HAMARTOMATOUS POLYPOSIS SYNDROMES- Peutz-Jeghers syndrome -- Juvenile polyposis syndrome -- PTEN-hamartoma tumor syndromes -- Other hamartomatous polyposis conditions -- HEREDITARY MIXED POLYPOSIS SYNDROME -- SERRATED POLYPOSIS SYNDROME -- Part2: GENETIC DIAGNOSTICS and CLINICAL MANAGEMENT -- Genetic testing in hereditary colorectal cancer -- Universal tumor screening for Lynch syndrome -- Classification of genetic variants. Prediction models for Lynch syndrome -- Surveillance guidelines for hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes -- Surgical management of hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes -- Chemoprevention in hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes -- Immunotherapy in hereditary colorectal cancer -- The Immune Biology of Microsatellite Unstable cancer -- Hereditary colorectal cancer: Immunotherapy approaches -- Medical oncology management of hereditary colorectal cancer. Part3: REGISTRIES and DATABASES -- Databases: intentions, capabilities and limitations -- The Colon Cancer Family Registry Cohort -- The Prospective Lynch Syndrome Database -- The InSiGHT Database: An example LOVD system -- The International Mismatch Repair Consortium
Abstract: This book provides information on a wide variety of issues ranging from genetics to clinical description of the syndromes, genetic testing and counseling, and clinical management including surveillance, surgical and prophylactic interventions, and chemoprevention. Moreover, current hot issues, such as the identification of novel causal genes and the challenges we face, and the relevance of cancer risk modifiers, both genetic and environmental, are also discussed. This reference book is great for geneticists, oncologists, genetic counselors, researchers, clinicians, surgeons and nurses dedicated to, or interested in, hereditary cancer. The best and most recognized experts in the field have contributed to this project, guaranteeing updated information, accuracy and the discussion of topical issues
Pages: X, 505 p. 53 illus., 39 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319742595
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Endocrinology ; Oncology ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Oncology ; Endocrinology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Section: The Nature of Pancreatic Cancer -- Cell Cycle Machinery and Its Alterations in Pancreatic Cancer -- Animal modelling of Pancreatitis-to-Cancer Progression -- Stromal Inflammation in Pancreatic Cancer: Mechanisms and Translational Applications -- Familial Pancreatic Cancer -- Section: Clinical Management of Pancreatic Cancer -- Therapeutic Endoscopy in the Management of Pancreatic Cancer -- Controversies in Pathology Reporting and Staging -- Staging and Postoperative Outcomes Using the International Study Group of Pancreatic Surgery (ISGPS) Classifications -- Borderline Respectable Pancreatic Cancer -- New Japanese Classification of Pancreatic Cancer -- Arterial Resection in Pancreatic Cancer -- Treatment of Recurrent Pancreatic Cancer After Surgery -- Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Pancreatic Cancer -- Differential Therapy Based on Tumor Heterogeneity in Pancreatic Cancer -- Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation for Operable Pancreatic Cancer: the Importance of Local Disease Control -- Section: New Directions -- Development of Novel Therapeutic Response Biomarkers -- Clinical Applications of Genomics and Proteomics in Pancreatic Cancer -- Approaching Pancreatic Cancer Phenotypes via Metabolomics -- Circulating Tumour Cells -- Cancer Exosomes for Early Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis and Role Metastasis -- Metabolism in Pancreatic Cancer -- Secondary Screening for Inherited Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma -- Role of Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer -- Evolution of Pancreatic Cancer Surgery -- Multiparameter Modalities for the Study of Patients in the Setting of Individualized Medicine -- Epigenetic Pharmacology -- Precision Medicine Based on Next Generation Sequencing and Master Controllers
Abstract: In organizing the second edition of this renowned Handbook, Dr. Neoptolemos and his co-editors have produced and updated a revised edition to the distinguished Major Reference Work devoted to pancreatic cancer. Like its preceding edition, the second edition continues to have a widespread appeal among clinicians, pathologists and basic scientists, who are now struggling to understand this complex and rapidly expanding field. Because of the recent and vast growth in both the clinical and scientific research being done in pancreatic cancer, (there is currently an unprecedented investment by academia and industry in this field), each research’s knowledge of other specialty areas outside his or her own is often quite limited. The aim of the new edition is to place the tangible advances, including new developments in surgical approaches with regards to resection techniques, the state of laparoscopic approaches, the growing impact of surgical approaches in the management of recurrent pancreatic cancer, controversies in the management of IMPN as the precursor lesion for PDAC and others – readily at hand. The second edition focuses on advances that will not become dated, and the editors have chosen authors, who are the very best in each area
Pages: 244 illus., 177 illus. in color. eReference. : online resource.
Edition: 2nd ed. 2018.
ISBN: 9781493971930
Immunopharmacology and Inflammation (2018)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Immunology ; Pharmaceutical technology ; Biomedicine ; Pharmaceutical Sciences/Technology ; Immunology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Part 1-The Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammation -- Mediators of Inflammation -- Innate Immunity in Inflammation -- Adaptive Immunity in Inflammation -- Histamine -- Neural Regulation of Inflammation: Inflammation and Neurotransmitters -- Part 2-Resolution of Inflammation -- The Proresolving Mediators -- Part 3-Immunopharmacology -- Regulation of Innate Immunity in Inflammation -- Biochemistry of Neutrophil Regulation -- Immune Mechanisms in Atherosclerosis and Potential for Immune Modulation Therapies -- IL-1 Receptor Families Regulation of Immunity and Disease -- Part 4-Classical Drugs to Treat Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases -- Glucocorticoids Molecular Mechanisms -- Glucocorticoids Immunity and Inflammation -- Strategies and Compounds to Circumvent Glucocorticoid Induced Side Effects -- Part 5-Innovative Drugs to Treat Inflammatory Autoimmune Diseases -- Innovative Drugs for Allergy
Abstract: A comprehensive overview of the current research on inflammation and immunopharmacology, with particular attention to the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, this book discusses future trends in this area of pharmacological research. It addresses an audience with basic knowledge in the inflammatory process, immune system, and pharmacology. Immunopharmacology and Inflammation meets the needs of graduate students, junior and senior researchers and is useful as a source of the most current information for those already working in these fields
Pages: VIII, 331 p. 42 illus., 41 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319776583
Deep learning with R (2018)
Shelter Island, N.Y. : Manning
Call number: QA402.5:9 ; C010:7
Keywords: R (Computer program language) ; Artificial intelligence ; Neural networks (Computer science) ; Machine learning / Technological innovations ; Mathematical statistics / Data processing ; Computer vision
Abstract: Introduces deep learning systems using the powerful Keras library and its R language interface. The book builds your understanding of deep learning through intuitive explanations and practical examples
Pages: xxi, 335 pages : illustrations, charts
ISBN: 9781617295546
Exosomes, Stem Cells and MicroRNA : Aging, Cancer and Age Related Disorders (2018)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Life sciences ; Cancer Research ; Geriatrics ; Stem Cells ; Cell Physiology ; Regenerative Medicine ; Tissue Engineering ; Life sciences ; Stem Cells ; Regenerative Medicine/Tissue Engineering ; Cell Physiology ; Cancer Research ; Geriatrics/Gerontology ; Springer eBooks
Abstract: This volume provides insight into the pivotal roles of stem cells, exosomes and other microvesicles in biofunction and molecular mechanisms and their therapeutic potential in translational nanomedicine. It further highlights evidence from recent studies as to how stem cell derived exosomes and microRNAs may restore and maintain tissue homeostasis, enable cells to recover critical cellular functions and begin repair regeneration. These early studies in animal models of aging also show evidence of improved immune, cardiovascular and cognitive functions as well as improved health span and life span. The use of exosomes from body fluids to define specific biomarkers for various tumors may also clear the path to patient-targeted treatments by developing exosome-derived microRNA based cancer therapeutics. It is essential reading for graduate students, research fellow and biomedical researchers in academia or the pharmaceutical or biotech industries
Pages: XIII, 152 p. 22 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319744704
Cis/Transgene Optimization : Systematic Discovery of Novel Gene Expression Elements Using Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Approaches (2018)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Life sciences ; Bioinformatics ; Proteomics ; Systems Biology ; Computational Biology ; Life sciences ; Computer Appl. in Life Sciences ; Systems Biology ; Computational Biology/Bioinformatics ; Proteomics ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: 1. Introduction -- 2. Systematic Strategies -- 3. Outcomes Assessment -- 4. Conceptual Models
Abstract: This book is a practical review which focuses on computational analysis and on in silicoapproaches towards the systematic discovery of various key functional gene expression elements in microalgae as a model. So far, in this regard very little information is available. Efficient stepwise procedures for analysing the matrix attachment regions (MARs) are outlined, as well as for translation initiation sites (TIS), signal peptide (SP) sequences, gene optimization and transformation systems. These outlines can be efficiently deployed as practical models for the systematic discovery of key expression elements and for the optimization of cis/transgenes in other micro/organisms. The first chapter is an introduction on the key gene expression elements analysed in this book, including scaffold/matrix attachment regions, translation initiation sites, signal peptides as well as gene optimization. Chapter 2 focuses on systematic strategies and computational approaches toward in silico analysis of each factor. The analyses outcomes is assessed individually in chapter 3 followed by developing the specific conceptual models for each element in Chapter 4. The concluding remarks are discussed in Chapter 5. This work is of interest to computational and experimental biologists interested in transcriptional regulation analysis as well as to researchers and scientists who wish to consider the use of bioinformatics and computational biology in design, analysis, or regulatory reviews of key gene expression elements for the production of recombinant proteins experiments
Pages: XVII, 120 p. 24 illus. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319903910
Quality Management in Scientific Research : Challenging Irreproducibility of Scientific Results (2018)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Life sciences ; Biomedicine ; Biomedicine general ; Life Sciences, general ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Part I: Principles, references and standards -- Quality basics -- Total Quality Management -- Quality certification and accreditation -- Quality Standards -- PART II: Quality and Basic Biomedical Research -- What is Basic Biomedical Research -- Conscious Management -- Quality along the Research project -- International references and models -- Quality management in basic biomedical research -- Part III: Methodologies and tools -- 7 basic tools of TQM -- Decision making -- Problem solving -- Teamworking -- Project Management -- Knowledge Management -- Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.-Design of experiment -- Lean Management and Six Sigma -- Conclusion.-Acknowledgements -- Bibliography -- References
Abstract: In recent years, the attention of the scientific and social community has not solely been on producing new findings, but increasingly also on the related issues of the reliability, safety, and efficacy of the discoveries made, as well as the efficient and effective use of resources. The adoption of management models and tools can help scientists to improve their research, ensuring valuable, robust and dependable outcomes. Quality disciplines have been widely used for decades in industrial and business fields, building a knowledge base that can be translated and exploited, much to the advantage of scientific research. However, quality references in scientific research are still extremely rare and largely limited to an international guideline and a few sector-specific standards. Despite WHO and EU Commission campaigns, there are still precious few practical texts that offer researchers guidance on quality principles and provide simple tools and methodologies for their daily work. The book, starting from the problem of the reproducibility of scientific results and the substantial contribution that the Quality approach can make to research (Chapter 1), introduces the reader to key principles and basic concepts of Quality and illustrates both general and research-specific quality standards, paving the way for further discussion (Chapter 2). In turn, Chapter 3 presents detailed applications of Quality principles in various aspects of research, from study and ethics to materials and equipment management. Chapters 4 and 5, respectively, are devoted to Quality tools and Quality methodologies, as well as soft skills, all of which are valuable to scientific experimentation and study management. The concepts and practical tools discussed are extensively illustrated with examples from actual applications in scientific research
Pages: XIV, 205 p. 74 illus., 64 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319767505
Clinical Investigation (2018)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Neurochemistry ; Respiratory organs / Diseases ; Neurobiology ; Medicine & Public Health ; Pneumology/Respiratory System ; Neurobiology ; Neurochemistry ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Prognostic Value of Osteoprotegerin and sRANKL in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid of Patients with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, W. Naumnik, I. Płońska, M. Ossolińska, J. Nikliński, and B. Naumnik -- Melatonin and Metformin Diminish Oxidative Stress in Heart Tissue in a Rat Model of High Fat Diet and Mammary Carcinogenesis, N. Kurhaluk, B. Bojkova, M. Radkowski, O.V. Zaitseva, S. Kyriienko, U. Demkow, and P.J. Winklewski -- Evaluation of the Implementation of Hospital Antibiotic Policy in Oncosurgery Ward: a Six-Year Experience, A. Nitsch-Osuch, D. Okrucinski, M. Dawgialło, I. Gołębiak, and E. Kuchar -- Surgical Correction of Pectus Excavatum by the Nuss Procedure: a 15-Year Experience Study, P. Cierpikowski, A. Rzechonek, P. Błasiak, H. Lisowska, G. Pniewski, and P. Le Pivertl -- Influence of Inhaled Corticosteroids on Bronchial Inflammation and Pulmonary Function in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with Moderate Obstruction, I. Toczyska, E. Zwolińska, and A. Chcialowski -- Association between Vitamin D and Carboxy-terminal Cross-Linked Telopeptide of Type I Collagen in Children during Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy, E. Witkowska-Sędek, A. Stelmaszczyk-Emmel, A. Kucharska, U. Demkow, and B. Pyrżak -- Weight Disorders in Short Children, P. Tomaszewski, A. Majcher, K. Milde, and R. Stupnicki -- Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin: a Biomarker for Early Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections in Infants, G. Krzemień, M. Pańczyk-Tomaszewska, D. Adamczuk, I. Kotuła, U. Demkow, and A. Szmigielska -- A Two-Week Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Course in Pediatric Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, K. Karolewska-Bochenek, P. Grzesiowski, A. Banaszkiewicz, A. Gawronska, M. Kotowska, M. Dziekiewicz, P. Albrecht, A. Radzikowski, and I. Lazowska-Przeorek -- Specialized Pain Clinics in Primary Care: Common Diagnoses, Referral Patterns and Clinical Outcomes – Novel Pain Management Model, Y. Fogelman, E. Carmeli, A. Minerbi, H. Baruch, and S. Vulfsons
Abstract: Clinical investigation plays an essential role in the differential diagnosis, biomarker development, and therapy and cure of diseases. The book presents a bench-to-bed approach, with broad empirical coverage by experienced practitioners. The articles include topics like cytokine receptors in lung cancer, conduciveness of oxidative stress to carcinogenesis, safety and effectiveness of surgical correction of deformed chest, diagnostic and treatment regimens in inflammation-ridden obstructive lung conditions, alterations in growth hormone secretion leading to disorders of growth and metabolism, microbiota transplantation in pediatric patients, and the promising markers of renal epithelial injury. Yet another issue concerns the restructuring of chronic pain management by establishing the community-based specialized pain clinics. The book aims to disseminate and deliberate on the latest interdisciplinary medical knowledge to enhance clinical outcomes. Being a blend of clinical investigation and practice the book is addressed to physicians, scientists, and allied health care professionals
Pages: VIII, 100 p. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319740805
RadCases musculoskeletal radiology (2018)
New York : Thieme
(RadCases, 5)  
Call number: WN200:75/5(2)
Keywords: Musculoskeletal Diseases / diagnostic imaging ; Radiography ; Musculoskeletal System / diagnostic imaging ; Diagnosis, Differential ; Diagnostic Imaging / methods
Notes: Preceded by Musculoskeletal radiology / edited by Glenn M. Garcia. 2010.
Pages: 257 pages : illustrations
Edition: 2nd edition.
ISBN: 9781626232440
Big data in medical image processing (2018)
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press
Call number: WN180:7
Keywords: Image Processing, Computer-Assisted ; Data mining ; Diagnostic Imaging ; Decision Support Systems, Clinical
Notes: "A science publishers book."
Pages: vi, 202 p. : illustrations
ISBN: 9781138557246
Oncology clinical trials : successful design, conduct, and analysis (2018)
New York, N.Y. : Demos Medical Publishing
Call number: W26.5:142(2)
Keywords: Neoplasms / drug therapy ; Clinical Trials as Topic
Pages: xxii, 542 p. : ill.
Edition: 2nd edition.
ISBN: 9780826168726
Klinikleitfaden Labordiagnostik (2018)
München : Elsevier
Call number: QY90:36(6)
Keywords: Diagnosis, Laboratory
Notes: For online access to this volume please contact the library staff in room D124 (phone 3661, e-mail:
Edition: 6. Aufl.
ISBN: 9783437222351
Resistance of Targeted Therapies Excluding Antibodies for Lymphomas (2018)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Molecular Biology ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Molecular Medicine ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Chapter 1 BTK inhibitors: focus on ibrutinib and similar agents -- Chapter 2 BCL2 Inhibitors: insights into resistance -- Chapter 3 Proteasome Inhibitors with a Focus on Bortezomib -- Chapter 4 IMiD – immunomodulatory drug lenalidomide (CC-5013; Revlimid) in the treatment of lymphoma: Insights into clinical use and molecular mechanisms -- Chapter 5 mTOR inhibitors, with special focus on temsirolimus and similar agents -- Chapter 6 Inhibitors of the JAK/STAT pathway, with a focus on ruxolitinib and similar agents
Abstract: In the last decade, the literature on molecular mechanisms and activated pathways in the different lymphoma categories increased exponentially, which was followed by a more diffuse and successful use of targeted therapies. In this book, expert authors revisit the most relevant aspects of these therapies, with special emphasis on molecular mechanisms and clinical effects of resistance. The knowledge of the underlying mechanisms involved in tumor resistance to target therapies is of paramount importance because they will result in a better selection of patients with sensitive disease and the establishment of suitable combinations of drugs that target different molecules and could overcome the established resistance.℗
Pages: XIII, 138 p. 14 illus., 13 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319751849
Chemie für technische Assistenten in der Medizin und in der Biologie (2018)
Weinheim : VCH
Call number: QD33:11(6)
Keywords: Chemistry, Clinical ; Molecular Biology
Pages: xxxiii, 634 p. : ill.
Edition: 6., vollständig überarb. und aktualisierte Aufl.
ISBN: 9783527342839
Bethesda handbook of clinical oncology (2019)
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Health
Call number: QZ200:570(5)
Keywords: Neoplasms / therapy
Notes: For online access to this volume please contact the library staff in room D124 (phone 3661, e-mail:
Pages: xiv, 807 pages : illustrations
Edition: 5th edition.
ISBN: 9781496344182
Wilson and Walker's principles and techniques of biochemistry and molecular biology (2018)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press
Call number: QP519:90(8)
Keywords: Biochemistry ; Molecular Biology
Description / Table of Contents: Biochemical and molecular biological methods in life sciences studies -- Basic principles -- Cell culture techniques -- Recombinant DNA techniques and molecular cloning -- Preparative protein biochemistry -- Electrophoretic techniques -- Immunochemical techniques -- Flow cytometry -- Radioisotope techniques -- Principles of clinical biochemistry -- Microscopy -- Centrifugation and ultracentrifugation -- Spectroscopic techniques -- Basic techniques probing molecular structure and interactions -- Mass spectrometric techniques -- Fundamentals of bioinformatics -- Fundamentals of chemoinformatics -- The python programming language -- Data analysis -- Fundamentals of genome sequencing and annotation -- Fundamentals of proteomics -- Fundamentals of metabolomics -- Enzymes and receptors -- Drug discovery and development
Pages: xxx, 929 p. : ill.
Edition: 8th ed.
ISBN: 9781107162273
The ABCs of Gene Cloning (2018)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Human Genetics ; Food / Biotechnology ; Plant physiology ; Zoology ; Biomedicine ; Human Genetics ; Food science ; Plant physiology ; Zoology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Fundamentals of Genetic Processes -- Introductory Concepts -- Structures of Nucleic Acids -- Structures of Proteins -- The Genetic Process -- Organization of Genes -- Reading The Nucleotide Sequence of a Gene -- Techniques and Strategies of Gene Cloning -- Enzymes Used in Cloning -- Techniques Used in Cloning -- Cloning Vectors for Introducing Genes into Host Cells -- Transformation -- Isolating Genes for Cloning -- Impact of Gene Cloning -- Improving Tomato Quality by Antisense Rna -- Transgenic Crops Engineered with Insecticidal Activity -- Transgenic Crops Conferred with Herbicide Resistance -- Growth Enhancement in Transgenic Fish -- Impact of Gene Cloning -- Microbial Production of Recombinant Human Insulin -- Finding Disease-Causing Genes -- Human Gene Therapy -- Gene Targeting -- DNA Typing -- Transpharmers - Bioreactors for Pharmaceutical Products -- Animal Cloning -- Human Genome Sequencing -- Manipulating Gene Vector Constructs
Abstract: Clear and concise, this easy-to-use book offers an introductory course on the language of gene cloning, covering microbial, plant, and mammalian systems. It presents the nuts and bolts of gene cloning in a well-organized and accessible manner. Part I of this book outlines the essentials of biology and genetics relevant to the concept of gene cloning. Part II describes common techniques and approaches of gene cloning, ranging from the basic mechanics of DNA manipulation, vector systems, process transformation, to gene analysis. Part III & IV present application technologies of major impact in agriculture, biomedicine, and related areas. The ABCs of Gene Cloning, Third Edition contains updates including a tutorial chapter on gene-vector construction, methodologies on exome sequencing in finding disease genes, revised topics on gene therapy and whole genome sequencing, new developments for gene targeting and genome editing, as well as the current state of next generation sequencing. With more than 140 illustrations, this new edition provides an invaluable text for students and anyone who have interest in gaining proficiency in reading and speaking the language of gene cloning
Pages: XIX, 257 p. 172 illus., 1 illus. in color. : online resource.
Edition: 3rd ed. 2018.
ISBN: 9783319779829
Taschenbuch Onkologie : interdisziplinäre Empfehlungen zur Therapie 2018/19 (2018)
München : Zuckschwerdt
Call number: QZ266:345(19)
Keywords: Neoplasms / therapy
Pages: xiv, 367 p.
Edition: 19. Aufl.
ISBN: 9783863712617