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Zellbiologie (2017)
Stuttgart : Georg Thieme Verlag
Call number: QH581:60(5)
Keywords: Cells / anatomy & histology
Notes: carlo märz 2017
Pages: 586 p. : ill.
Edition: 5. überarb. Auflage
ISBN: 9783132402270
Lung cancer : treatment and research (2016)
Cham : Springer
Call number: QZ365WF658:173
Keywords: Lung Neoplasms
Pages: vi, 322 p. : ill.
ISBN: 9783319403878
Cancer Therapeutic Targets (2017)
New York, NY : Springer New York
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Laboratory Medicine ; Molecular Biology ; Pharmacology ; Internal Medicine ; Oncology ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Oncology ; Laboratory Medicine ; Internal Medicine ; Molecular Medicine ; Pharmacology/Toxicology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: AKT -- Anti-4-1BB/4-1BBL -- Anti-B7-H4 -- Anti-CD40/Anti CD40L -- Anti-Idiotype antibodies -- Anti-Programmed Death 1 (PD1) -- B7.1 -- Bacterial Vaccines -- Brachyury -- CCL21 -- CD4+ T Cells -- CD8 T Cells -- CEA -- CTLA-4 -- Dendritic cells -- DNA Vaccines -- EGFR, Immunology -- Fc Gamma R -- Gangliosides -- Glucocorticoid-Induced TNF Receptor (GITR) -- GM-CSF and Whole Cells -- gp100 -- HER2/neu -- indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase -- Integrins, Immunology -- Interferon alpha -- Interleukin 2 -- Interleukin 7 -- Interleukin 12 -- Interleukin 15 -- Interleukin 21 -- Lymphocyte Activation Gene 3 (LAG-3) -- MART-1 -- MUC1 -- NK Cells -- P53, Immunology -- PAP -- Peptide Vaccine: Overview -- Proteins (Mesothelin) -- PSA -- Survivin -- Telomerase-related proteins -- TGF Beta Receptors -- TLR7 and TLR8, Resiquimod, and 852A -- TLR9 -- Transforming Growth Factor β -- Tregs -- Tyrosinase: Overview -- VEGF -- Viral-Like Proteins -- Whole-Cell Vaccines -- FGF-FGFR Signaling in Cancer -- MMPs -- PDGF -- TIE -- VEGF A -- VEGF Ligands -- AXL -- B-Raf -- CKIT -- DNA Repair, Overview -- EGFR, Growth factors -- HER3 -- IGF 1 and IGF 2 -- Jak2/Stat5a/b Pathway in Prostate Cancer -- JNK Signaling in Diseases -- K-Ras -- MET -- NEDD9 -- N-Ras -- P38 -- Rac 1 -- Type I Insulin-Like Growth Factor Receptor -- Anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 -- BH3-Only Mimetics -- Caspase -- DR4 and DR5 -- FLIP -- MLH1 -- NF-κB -- PARP -- ROS -- X-Linked IAP -- APC -- AR, Overview -- BRCA 1 and 2 -- Cell Cycle Related Kinases -- ER -- Histone Deacetylases (HDAC) -- Methylation -- PR -- Retinoids -- Topoisomerase 1 -- Topoisomerase 2 -- VDR
Abstract: In the past decade, we have experienced an explosion of new information about cancer therapeutic targets. Many of the targets have been validated by the discovery and approval of new medicines which have been approved for the treatment of cancer. On the heels of these successes, innumerable new targets and new potential therapeutics are being developed by many different groups including government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, academic institutions, and individual investigators. Understanding the expanding "universe" of cancer therapies is therefore becoming impossible and no single source exists which serves as a reference for the involved parties. Further, the interested parties have vastly different areas of expertise, from focused laboratory based science, to clinical research, to corporate and regulatory oversight. The text would be updated every two years, more often depending on pace of change, interest and sales. While useful online, this reference book would likely be kept in hard copy as well
Pages: 51 illus., 42 illus. in color. eReference. : online resource.
ISBN: 9781441907172
on loan
Genomes 4 (2017)
New York, NY : Garland Science
Call number: QH447:217(4)
Keywords: Genome
Description / Table of Contents: Genomes, transcriptomes and proteomes -- Studying DNA -- Mapping genomes -- Sequencing genomes -- Genome annotation -- Identifying gene functions -- Eukaryotic nuclear genomes -- Genomes of prokaryotes and eukaryotic organelles -- Virus genomes and mobile genetic elements -- Accessing the genome -- The role of DNA-binding proteins in genome expression -- Transcriptomes -- Proteomes -- Genome expression in the context of cell and organism -- Genome replication -- Mutations and DNA repair -- Recombination and transposition -- How genomes evolve
Notes: Preceded by: Genomes 3 / T. A. Brown. 3rd ed. New York : Garland Science, 2007.
Pages: xvii, 520 p. : ill.
Edition: 4th.
ISBN: 9780815345084
Perioperative Inflammation as Triggering Origin of Metastasis Development (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: The Natural History of Breast Cancer -- Perioperative Inflammation as Triggering Origin of Metastasis Development -- Peri-operative Shift in Angiogenesis-Related Factors in Breast Cancer Patients -- Perioperative Biologic Perturbation and Cancer Surgery: Targeting the adrenergic-inflammatory response and microcirculatory dysregulation -- Circulating tumor cells as predictive marker in metastatic disease -- Randomized Clinical Trials on Breast Cancer in Nigeria and other Developing Countries- Challenges and Constraints -- Do Breast Cancer Patients Benefit from Surgery? Hypotheses, Mathematical Models and False Beliefs -- The impact of wound inflammation on cancer progression; Studies in fish and patients -- Long term consequences of acute inflammation in cancer surgery: New findings and perspectives -- Cancer: Nurture and Nature -- The systemic effects of local treatments (surgery and radiotherapy) of breast cancer
Abstract: The book will explain previously unconnected clinical data such as why mammography works better for women age 50-59 than it does for women age 40-49, why adjuvant chemotherapy works best for premenopausal patients with positive lymph nodes, and it may also explain the racial disparity in outcome. In particular, it points to the perioperative period when systemic inflammation persists for a week or so. This can lead to a variety of mechanisms whereby single cancer cells (perhaps from the marrow) begin division and angiogenesis of dormant avascular micrometastases occurs leading to early relapses. With chapters presented from distinguished scientists and physicians in a variety of specialties that relate to and border the effects we present, this volume can be used as a reference for practicing physicians and as a jumping-off point for researchers to explore new therapeutic opportunities
Pages: XXIII, 236 p. 49 illus., 39 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319579436
Drug and Gene Delivery to the Central Nervous System for Neuroprotection : Nanotechnological Advances (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Neurosciences ; Neurobiology ; Biomedical Engineering ; Biomedicine ; Neurosciences ; Biomedical Engineering ; Neurobiology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Chapter 1 Renewable Biomaterials as Nanocarriers for Drug and Gene Delivery -- Chapter 2 Nanocarriers as CNS Drug Delivery Systems for Enhanced Neuroprotection -- Chapter 3 Nanotechnology Based Approaches for Neurodegenerative Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment -- Chapter 4 Viral Vector Gene Delivery to the Brain for Treating Neurogenetic Diseases -- Chapter 5 Sleep Deprivation Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown and Brain Pathology. Neuroprotective Effects of Tio2-Nanowired Delivery of Cerebrolysin and Ondansetron -- Chapter 6 Glyco-Functionalised Biomaterials in Neuroregeneration -- Chapter 7 Targeting Nanoparticles to Brain: Impact of N-Methyl D-Aspartate Receptors
Abstract: This book summarizes the latest research on drug and gene delivery to the central nervous system (CNS). The chapters address safety concerns regarding the nanotechnology that is needed to develop nanomedicine for clinical practice. Particular focus is given to new technologies that have emerged in recent years to deliver therapeutic materials, such as genes, drugs, and other agents using nanotechnologies of diverse origin. This is an ideal book for students, teachers, researchers, and clinicians interested in a deeper understanding of nanotechnological advances in therapeutic medicine. This book also: Broadens readers’ understanding of viral vector gene delivery to the brain for treating neurogenetic diseases as well as targeted gene delivery into the brain using microbubble-facilitated focused ultrasound Covers in detail the latest developments in delivering therapeutic materials, such as siRNA delivery to the brain for treating neurological diseases, neuroprotective effects of gelatin nanoparticles in stroke, and nanowired drug delivery for brain diseases, heat stroke, and CNS injury Enriches understanding of new technologies for delivering therapeutic materials treating Alzheimer’s Disease, including targeted nanodrug delivery through the blood-brain barrier and the superior neuroprotective effects of nanowired drug delivery in Alzheimer’s Disease
Pages: XIII, 228 p. 47 illus., 38 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319576961
A first course in systems biology (2017)
New York, N.Y. : Garland Science
Call number: QH324:47(2)
Keywords: Systems Biology ; Computational Biology
Pages: xi, 468 p.
Edition: 2nd ed.
ISBN: 9780815345688
Resistance to Molecular Therapies for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Tumor Heterogeneity and Resistance to Targeted Therapies in Hepatocellular Carcinoma -- Modulating Immune Responses to Overcome Resistance in Hepatocellular Carcinoma -- Role of Tumor Microenvironment in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Resistance -- Contribution of the Cancer Stem Cell Phenotype to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Resistance -- Clinical and Preclinical Perspectives on Mechanisms of Sorafenib Resistance in Hepatocellular Carcinoma -- Radiological Assessment of Response to Palliative Treatments in Hepatocellular Carcinoma -- Sorafenib and Clinical Patterns of Resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma -- Overcoming Treatment Resistance in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: regorafenib and lessons from other malignancies
Abstract: This volume evaluates the clinical patterns of resistance to sorafenib, the impact of trial design in the second-line setting and the current gold standard to define radiological resistance; describes the molecular mechanisms responsible for treatment resistance in HCC patients, including components of the immune system and tumor microenvironment; determines the role of the cancer stem cell phenotype in resistance; reviews the experimental models to study resistance; and addresses new approaches to overcome resistance to sorafenib, using successful examples from other malignancies
Pages: XIII, 147 p. 16 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319561974
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Immunology ; Vaccines ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Immunology ; Vaccine ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: New Approaches in Immunotherapy for the treatment of Lung Cancer -- Novel approaches for vaccination against HPV-induced cancers -- Tapping the potential of DNA Delivery with Electroporation for Cancer Immunotherapy -- Targeted immunotherapy designed to treat Muc1-expressing solid tumour -- Chimeric DNA vaccines: an effective way to overcome immune tolerance -- Linked CD4 T-cell help: broadening immune attack against cancer by vaccination -- mRNA cancer vaccines – Messages that prevail -- The Use of Anti-CD40 mAb in Cancer
Abstract: This volume focuses on the laboratory and clinical experience with targeting viral onco-antigens, while also reviewing the approaches to targeting self-cancer antigens in cancers of non-viral origin, where self-tolerance has been a challenge. It emphasizes the importance of selecting the right vaccine platform to induce a successful immune response against cancer antigens. In addition, the volume discusses the advances made with genetic vaccines, including recent advances with DNA vaccines and the rapid transition of mRNA vaccines from the laboratory to bedside. The new avenues opening up for cancer immunotherapy underline the importance of combinational approaches using cancer vaccines with costimulatory antibodies, which may dramatically improve cancer treatment. This book is intended for all translational researchers and clinicians who aspire to develop novel vaccination approaches for cancer patients with unmet clinical needs
Pages: VII, 210 p. : online resource.
Edition: 1st ed. 2017.
ISBN: 9783319239101
Human Chromosome Atlas : Introduction to diagnostics of structural aberrations (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Human Genetics ; Cell Biology ; Biomedicine ; Human Genetics ; Cell Biology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Introduction -- Structural chromosome aberrations -- Mutations in non-coding-DNA regions -- Single case presentations -- Mutations in non-coding-DNA regions -- Outlook -- Bibliography
Abstract: This atlas presents the results of cases of structural chromosome aberrations based on the currently available methods of analysis for different types of abnormality. It particularly focuses on which spectrum should be chosen when combining the different techniques to achieve the best method of diagnosis in individual cases, for example direct preparation of cells and mitoses, short or long-time cell culture, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), analysis of interphases, microarray or DNA sequencing. Generally it has to be taken into account, that the development of new and improved investigation methods is forthcoming. Thus, by improvement of diagnostic possibilities new fields of investigation arise, and special groups of patients with cytogenetic analyses can be re-analysed under new research questions
Pages: VIII, 207 p. 97 illus. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319540993
Der Kinderschmerz : Schmerzen bei Frühgeborenen, Neugeborenen, Kindern und Jugendlichen (2017)
Landsberg am Lech : Ecomed
Call number: QZ266:353
Keywords: Pain / therapy ; Pain Measurement ; Neoplasms / complications
Pages: 218 p. : ill.
ISBN: 9783609103587
Viruses, Genes, and Cancer (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Virology ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Virology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Exchange of Genetic Sequences Between Viruses and Host -- Virus-Host Gene Interactions that Define HIV Disease Progression -- Sequencing the Biology of Entry: The Retroviral env Gene -- Infectious Agents in Bovine Red Meat and Milk and Their Potential Role in Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases -- MYC and RAF: Key Effectors in Cellular Signaling and Major Drivers in Human Cancer -- Oncogenic Roles of the PI3K/AKT/mTOR Axis -- MicroRNAs and Cancer -- The Evolution of Tumor Formation in Humans and Mice with Inherited Mutations in the P53 Gene
Abstract: This volume focuses on virus-host cell interactions, cellular genes acquired or modulated by viruses, the pathological effects of these interactions, and therapeutic interventions. Several chapters specifically address the role of viruses and genes – such as oncogenes, proto-oncogenes, or tumor suppressor genes – in the etiology of human cancer. Oncogenic signaling by PI3 kinase, mTOR, Akt, or the major cancer drivers MYC and RAF, and the role of tumor suppressors like p53, are discussed in detail. The volume also explores the emerging role of noncoding RNAs such as microRNAs in tumorigenesis and cancer therapeutics, and offers new insights into the role of HIV-host interactions relevant to pathogenesis and treatment. Gathering contributions written by leading scientists in their respective fields, the volume offers a valuable resource for researchers and clinicians alike
Pages: XIII, 221 p. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319618043
Uroonkologie kompakt : Diagnostik und Therapie (2017)
Stuttgart : Schattauer
Call number: QZ365WJ358:140
Pages: xiii, 229 p. : ill.
ISBN: 9783794530724
Lehninger principles of biochemistry (2017)
New York : W.H. Freeman
Call number: QP514:75(7) ; D090:50
Keywords: Biochemistry ; Biochemical Phenomena / physiology ; Biochemical Phenomena / genetics ; Energy Metabolism
Notes: Previous edition 2013.
Pages: xxxiv, 1172, AS34, G20, I45 pages : illustrations, portraits
Edition: 7th ed.
ISBN: 9781319108243
Biotechnology and Production of Anti-Cancer Compounds (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Life sciences ; Cancer Research ; Pharmacology ; Cell Culture ; Plant breeding ; Natural resources ; Life sciences ; Plant Breeding/Biotechnology ; Cell Culture ; Natural resources ; Pharmacology/Toxicology ; Cancer Research ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Chapter 1 Medicinal Plants: Ethno-Uses to Biotechnology Era -- Chapter 2 How Plants Can Contribute to the Supply of Anti-Cancer Compounds -- Chapter 3 Cancer and Biotechnology: A Matchup that Should Never Slowdown -- Chapter 4 Plant Derived Compounds with Anti-Cancer Properties: From Folklore to Practice -- Chapter 5 Anticancer Drugs from Plants -- Chapter 6 Cambial Meristematic Cells: A Sustainable Platform for the Production of Plant-Derived Anti-Cancer Crugs -- Chapter 7 Family Fabaceae: A Boon for Cancer Therapy -- Chapter 8 Small Cells For Big Ideas: The Cytotoxic Podophyllotoxin And The Long Journey In Discovering Its Biosynthetic Pathway -- Chapter 9 Hairy Root Culture for the Production of Useful Secondary Metabolites -- Chapter 10 Edible Mushrooms and Their In Vitro Culture as a Source of Anticancer Compounds -- Chapter 11 Genomics and Artificial Intelligence Working Together in Drugs Discovery and Repositioning: The Advent of Adaptive Pharmacogenomics in Glioblastoma and Chronic Arterial Inflammation Therapies -- Chapter 12 A Multiscale Haemorheological Computer-based Model of Chronic Inflammation: an in-Depth Investigation of Erythrocytes-driven Flow Characteristics in Atheroma Development
Abstract: This book discusses cancers and the resurgence of public interest in plant-based and herbal drugs. It also describes ways of obtaining anti-cancer drugs from plants and improving their production using biotechnological techniques. It presents methods such as cell culture, shoot and root culture, hairy root culture, purification of plant raw materials, genetic engineering, optimization of culture conditions as well as metabolic engineering with examples of successes like taxol, shikonin, ingenol mebutate and podophylotoxin. In addition, it describes the applications and limitations of large-scale production of anti-cancer compounds using biotechnological means. Lastly, it discusses future economical and eco-friendly strategies for obtaining anti-cancer compounds using biotechnology
Pages: XV, 328 p. 53 illus., 36 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319538808
Zika Virus Infection : Risk of Spreading in Europe (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Immunology ; Medical Microbiology ; Virology ; Health Promotion ; Infectious Diseases ; Medicine & Public Health ; Infectious Diseases ; Virology ; Immunology ; Medical Microbiology ; Health Promotion and Disease Prevention ; Springer eBooks
Abstract: This book describes the demographic and clinical patterns of Zika infection and evaluates the risk of it spreading to Europe. It reflects the hands-on experience of the author, who as a physician, was faced with the first-ever cases reported in Europe. Providing essential background information on the viral vector, it addresses the various symptoms after infection, and places them in the epidemiological context of past outbreaks. The book addresses the needs of physicians attending patients with infectious diseases, including infectious-disease specialists, pediatricians, internal medicine specialists, general practitioners, obstetricians, tropical medicine and travel medicine specialists, preventive medicine and public health specialists, microbiologists, biologists and vectorial control specialists. It raises clinicians’ and travel health clinics’ awareness of the evolution of Zika virus outbreaks and the affected areas so that they can include this infection in their differential diagnoses for travelers from those areas
Pages: XI, 93 p. 9 illus., 2 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319594064
Advances in Radiation Oncology (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Call number: QZ269:199
Keywords: Cancer / Radiotherapy
Pages: viii, 271 p. : ill.
ISBN: 9783319532332
Cell Division Machinery and Disease (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Life sciences ; Cancer Research ; Cell Cycle ; Cell Physiology ; Life sciences ; Cell Cycle Analysis ; Cell Physiology ; Cancer Research ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: 1.Meiotic divisions: no place for gender equality -- 2.Consequences of centrosome dysfunction during brain development -- 3.Dividing with extra centrosomes: a double edged sword for cancer cells -- 4.Kinetochore malfunction in human pathologies -- 5.The elephant in the room: the role of microtubules in cancer -- 6.Clinical development of anti-mitotic drugs in cancer -- 7.Mitotic dysfunction associated with aging hallmarks -- 8.Unbalanced Growth, Senescence and Aging -- 9.The spindle orientation machinery beyond mitosis: when cell specialization demands polarization
Abstract: This book critically evaluates the causal link between cell division machinery and disease. Further, it identifies key open questions in the field and the means for exploring them. Throughout the various chapters, internationally known contributors present the evidence for and against a causal link between key elements of the cell division machinery and diseases such as cancer, neuropathologies, aging, and infertility. A more clinically oriented chapter further discusses the current and future applications of anti-mitotic drugs in these diseases. Cell Division Machinery and Disease is essential reading for graduate or advanced graduate students, researchers or scientists working on cell division as well as clinicians interested in the molecular mechanisms of the discussed diseases
Pages: XIV, 235 p. 33 illus., 32 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319571270
Personalised Medicine : Lessons from Neurodegeneration to Cancer (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Medical genetics ; Molecular Biology ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Gene Function ; Molecular Medicine ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Preface - Personalised Medicine: Lessons from Neurodegenration to Cancer, Sherif F. El-Khamisy -- chap. 1 Approaches for Identifying Novel Targets in Precision Medicine: Lessons from DNA Repair, Dean T. Williams et al -- chap. 2 Nucleotide excision repair: from neurodegeneration to cancer, Liakos et al -- chap. 3 The Role of Protein-Linked DNA Breaks in Personalized Medicine Walaa R. et al -- chap. 4 The Emerging Role of Proteomics in Precision Medicine: Application in Neurodegenerative Diseases and Neurotrauma, Rana Alaaeddine et al -- chap. 5 The Role of Nitric Oxide from Neurological Disease to Cancer, Ahmed Maher et al -- chap. 6 RNA nuclear export: from neurological disorders to cancer, Guillaume M. Hautbergue -- chap. 7. Can astrocytes be a target for precision medicine, Chloe Allen et al -- chap. 8 Mitochondrial Diseases as Model of Neurodegeneration, Laila A. Selim et al -- chap. 9 Personalised Medicine: Genome Maintenance Lessons Learned from Studies in Yeast as a Model Organism, Arwa A. Abugable et al -- chap. 10 The Power of Zebrafish in Personalised Medicine, Sarah Baxendale et al -- chap. 11 Alzheimer’s Disease: a Modular Approach Based on GSK-3β Inhibitors Reem k. Arafa et al -- chap. 12. Regenerative medicine: advances from developmental to degenerative diseases, Nicholas F. Blair et al -- chap. 13 Gene therapy in the nervous system: failures and successes, Jayanth S. Chandran et al -- index
Abstract: The mammalian genome is constantly challenged by exogenous and endogenous threats. Although much is known about the mechanisms that maintain genome integrity, little is known about the applications of this knowledge to combat human disease. The past 20 years has witnessed extensive research and progress in this area and scientists started to design new therapies harnessing individual genetic differences among patients to combat degenerative disorders and cancer. We summarize these advancements and discuss perspectives for the future of personalized medicine
Pages: VIII, 260 p. 98 illus., 52 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319607337
Pschyrembel : Klinisches Wörterbuch 2017 (2017)
Berlin : de Gruyter
Call number: W13:23(267)
Keywords: Medicine / Bibliography
Pages: xxii, 1998 p. : ill.
Edition: 267., neu bearb. Aufl.
ISBN: 9783110494976
on loan
Patenting in biotechnology : a laboratory manual (2015)
Lyngby : Polyteknisk Forlag
Call number: QR53:39(3)
Pages: 138 p. : ill.
Edition: 3rd rev. ed.
ISBN: 9788750211006
Mechanisms of Molecular Carcinogenesis : Volume 1 (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Gene Expression ; Molecular Biology ; Oncology ; Cytokines ; Growth factors ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Oncology ; Molecular Medicine ; Cytokines and Growth Factors ; Gene Expression ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Preface -- Modern technologies -- MACC1, a novel player in solid cancer carcinogenesis -- The endocannabinoid system in carcinogenesis -- Stem cells in carcinogenesis -- Insulin pathways and carcinogenesis -- Role of Triglyceride Lipases in Tumor Metabolism -- mTOR signalling in carcinogenesis -- Nuclear Factor Kappa B -- Gliomas -- Non-glial brain tumors -- Ocular neoplasms -- Thyroid carcinogenesis -- Head and Neck including Oral cavity, Larynx, Pharynx -- Oesophagus -- Lung Carcinogenesis -- Progression of lung cancer: role of hypoxia and the metabolic tumor microenvironment
Abstract: Divided into two volumes the work offers a so far unmatched broad and at the same time deep knowledge on molecular and cellular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and offers comprehensive insight into clinical, therapeutic and technological aspects. This 1st Volume presents tumor entities of the ocular system, the thyroid organ, the oesophagus, gliomas, non-glial brain tumors, head and neck as well as lung cancer. In addition it also discusses in-depth potential novel molecular players and the role of stem cells as well as the endocannabinoid system in carcinogenesis, it furthermore explains tumor metabolism components and signaling pathways. Each of the chapters discusses potential therapeutic strategies and novel drug targets. The book addresses basic scientists and medical researchers interested in translational cancer research
Pages: VIII, 299 p. 33 illus., 29 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319536590
Making sense of genes (2017)
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press
Call number: QH447:218 ; B110:172
Keywords: Genes
Description / Table of Contents: Prolegomena : genes, science, and science fiction -- Mendel and the origins of the gene concept -- The genes of classical genetics -- The molecularization of genes -- So, what are genes? -- Genes for (almost) everything -- Are there genes for characters? -- Are there genes for diseases? -- So, what do genes do? -- Genes are implicated in the development of characters -- Genes account for variation in characters -- Genomes are more than the sum of genes -- Limitations in the study of genomes -- Concluding remarks : how to think and talk about genes?
Pages: x, 307 p.
ISBN: 9781107128132
Cancer and Chemoprevention : An Overview (2017)
Singapore : Springer
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Gene Expression ; Immunology ; Cell Cycle ; Apoptosis ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Apoptosis ; Gene Expression ; Cell Cycle Analysis ; Immunology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Introduction -- Hallmarks of Cancer -- Classification of Cancer -- Factors Influencing Cancer Development -- Carcinogenesis -- Molecular Mechanism of Carcinogenesis -- Oxidative Stress Induced Carcinogenesis -- Major Mediators Linking Inflammation and Cancer -- Apoptosis -- Chemoprevention -- Classification of Chemopreventive Agents -- Preclinical Development of Chemo Preventive Agents for Chemoprevention -- Modulation of Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling by Chemo Prevention -- Modulation of Akt/mTOR Pathway Signaling by Chemo Prevention -- Novel Chemopreventive Agents -- Chemoprevention by Resveratrol -- Chemoprevention by Genistein -- Chemoprevention by Apigenin -- Chemoprevention by Curcumin -- Chemoprevention by Fisetin -- Chemoprevention by Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) -- Chemoprevention by Graviola -- Cancer Chemoprevention: Hurdles and Future Prospects and Considerations -- Clinical Trials of Chemoprevention -- Future of Chemoprevention
Abstract: This book focuses on the most recent, relevant, comprehensive and significant advances in cancer and chemo prevention. It broadly discusses cancer, its hallmarks and classification, molecular mechanisms of outbreak, contributing factors, role of oxidative stress, inflammatory mediators and evading apoptosis, which leads to the progression of disease. Though modern medicine has left us with no option to treat this deadly disease due to drawbacks associated with conventional treatment – like its non-targeted nature, drug resistance, varied organ toxicities and unaffordability – chemoprevention offers a viable therapeutic window. Given chemoprevention’s importance in the present scenario, the book highlights various chemo preventive strategies currently used in the management of cancer; a selection of novel chemo preventive agents used at clinics and in the pre-clinical stage; hurdles to effective chemoprevention; future prospects and the road ahead. It offers a valuable guide for all graduate students and researchers seeking information on cancer and chemoprevention in general, irrespective of the specific type/pathways involved in its onset
Pages: XVII, 173 p. 19 illus., 13 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9789811025792
TRAIL, Fas Ligand, TNF and TLR3 in Cancer (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Resistance to TRAIL Pathway-Targeted Therapeutics in Cancer -- TRAIL-R3/R4 and Inhibition of TRAIL Signalling in Cancer -- IAPs and Resistance to Death Receptors in Cancer -- Bcl-2 Proteins and TRAIL Resistance in Melanoma -- Regulation of Caspase-Mediated Apoptosis by the Tumor Suppressor Par-4 -- Stem Cell Regulation by Death Ligands and Their Use in Cell Therapy -- Atypical Immune Functions of CD95/CD95L -- TLR3 is a Death Receptor Target in Cancer Therapy -- Fas/CD95, Lipid Rafts and Cancer -- Role of Sphingolipids in Death Receptor Signalling -- Post-Translational Modifications and Death Receptor Signalling -- System Modeling of Receptor-Induced Apoptosis
Abstract: This volume provides the current understanding of death receptor's/TLR3 signaling regulation in cancer. Death receptors, including TRAIL-R1, TRAIL-R2, Fas and TNF-RI, owing to their ability to trigger apoptosis and to contribute to the elimination of cancer cells by the immune system have been considered, to variable extent, as important therapeutic targets for cancer therapy. But an increasing body of evidence suggests that some of these receptors may also contribute to tumorigenesis, or that new players such as TLR3 may be targeted for cancer therapy due to their ability to behave like death receptors
Pages: XIII, 317 p. 40 illus., 35 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319568058
on loan
Inside graduate admissions : merit, diversity, and faculty gatekeeping (2016)
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press
Call number: ALLG-BERUF-LB2371:8
Keywords: Universities and colleges / Graduate work / United States ; Discrimination in higher education / United States ; Minorities / Education (Higher) / United States ; Universities and colleges / Faculty / United States ; Teacher participation in administration / United States
Pages: 250 p.
ISBN: 9780674088696
Drittmittel für die Forschung : Grundlagen, Erfolgsfaktoren und Praxistipps für das Schreiben von Förderanträgen (2017)
Wiesbaden : Springer Gabler
Call number: ALLG-BERUF-LB2376:4 ; M250:8
Keywords: Proposal writing for grants
Pages: x, 206 p.
ISBN: 9783658164515
Medizininformatik : ein Kompendium für Studium und Praxis (2017)
Berlin : Springer Vieweg
Call number: W26.5:137
Keywords: Bioinformatics
Pages: 259 p. : ill.
Edition: 1. Aufl.
ISBN: 9783662533277
Mechanisms of Molecular Carcinogenesis : Volume 2 (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Gene Expression ; Molecular Biology ; Oncology ; Cytokines ; Growth factors ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Oncology ; Molecular Medicine ; Cytokines and Growth Factors ; Gene Expression ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: 1. Breast Carcinogenesis -- 2. Non-melanoma skin cancer, Actinic keratosis and squamous cell cancer -- 3. Molecular Pathogenesis of Soft Tissue Tumours -- 4. Colorectal carcinogenesis -- 5. Pancreatic Carcinogenesis -- 6. Hepatocellular carcinogenesis -- 7. Neuroendocrine tumorigenesis -- 8. Molecular etiopathogenesis of extranodal marginal zone B cell lymphoma of mucosa associated lymphoid tissue -- 9. Urologic neoplasms including Kidney and Urinary Bladder -- 10. Molecular Carcinogenesis of Urinary Bladder Cancer -- 11. Gynecologic Carcinogenesis -- 12. CTCs and ctDNA -- 13. Computational Pathology -- 14. In vitro three-dimensional cultures as tool for personalized medicine -- 15. Stratifying cancer therapies by molecular interactions and imaging -- 16. Molecular Modelling
Abstract: Together with Volume 1, this book provides an inclusive overview of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and offers comprehensive insights into related clinical and therapeutic aspects. This second volume complements the first by presenting and concisely explaining the carcinogenesis of various tumor entities such as non-melanoma skin cancers, bone and soft tissue tumors, pancreatic cancers, hepatocellular cancer and neuroendocrine tumors. As in volume one, each chapter illuminates the similarities and dissimilarities of changed signaling pathways in the different organ systems and depicts potential therapeutic strategies. The focus of volume two lies on the presentation of modern molecular biological techniques for diagnosis, as well as strategies for biomarker identification and validation. Furthermore, it discusses potential therapeutic targets and individualized treatment strategies, offering a valuable resource for all basic scientists and medical researchers interested in translational cancer research
Pages: VIII, 374 p. 47 illus., 42 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319536613
Call number: QZ200:530/10(4) ; QZ365WK100:6(4)
Keywords: Endocrine Gland Neoplasms ; Endocrine Diseases
Notes: The WHO Classification of tumours of endocrine organs presented in this book reflects the views of a Working Group that convened for a Consensus and Editorial Meeting at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon 26-28 April 2016.
Pages: 355 p. : ill.
Edition: 4th. ed.
ISBN: 9789283244936
Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Circulating Tumor Cells (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Preface -- Circulating Tumor Cells as Cancer Biomarkers -- Strategies for Isolation and Molecular Profiling of Circulating Tumor Cells -- Aptamer-Based Methods for Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells and Their Potential for Personalized Diagnostics -- Development of a Protocol for Single-Cell Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells in Patients with Solid Tumors -- Flow Cytometric Methods for Circulating Tumor Cell Isolation and Molecular Analysis -- Enrichment and Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells and Other Rare Cell Populations by Microfluidic Filtration -- Detection and Enumeration of Circulating Tumor Cells with Invasive Phenotype -- Molecular Profiling and Significance of Circulating Tumor Cell Based Genetic Signatures -- Detection of Gene-Rearrangements in Circulating Tumor Cells: Examples of ALK-, ROS1-, RET-Rearrangements in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer and ERG-Rearrangements in Prostate Cancer -- Enrichment, Isolation, and Molecular Characterization of EpCAM-Negative Circulating Tumor Cells -- Expression of Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition and Cancer Stem Cell Markers in Circulating Tumor Cells
Abstract: The past decade has seen remarkable progress in elucidating the clinical relevance of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). Evidence from numerous clinical studies has unequivocally demonstrated the importance of CTCs as harbingers of poor outcome. Despite these advances, the molecular nature of CTCs remains elusive. This is in part due to the difficulty in isolating pure CTCs away from blood cells. Recent advancements in rare-cell technology have provided solutions to the once daunting task of isolating extremely rare CTCs in the blood of cancer patients. This book presents different novel approaches for detection and purification of CTCs. In addition, the readers are introduced to new technologies for molecular profiling of CTCs, including techniques to overcome limitations posed by the paucity of cells and the biomolecules available for downstream molecular analysis. This book is particularly relevant to scientists and academicians who are interested in the field of CTC research. It provides an overview of the recent technological advances in CTC isolation and profiling. This work also includes discussions on pertinent issues regarding the biology of CTCs, and their potential utility as liquid biopsy for personalized medicine. We hope that this book stimulate further research and help advance our understanding of the molecular biology of CTCs
Pages: XVI, 301 p. 42 illus., 15 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319559476
Fundamentals of ionizing radiation dosimetry (2017)
Weinheim : Wiley-VCH
Call number: WN110:19
Keywords: Radiation dosimetry ; Medical physics
Pages: xliii, 957 p.
ISBN: 9783527409211
Biomarkers in cancer screening and early detection (2017)
Chichester, West Sussex : John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
Call number: QZ241:191
Keywords: Biomarkers, Tumor ; Early Detection of Cancer
Description / Table of Contents: Nuts and bolts of biomarker research / Sharmistha Ghosh and Sudhir Srivastava -- Cancer genome methylation : biology, biomarker and therapeutic opportunities / Shashwat Sharad, Taduru Sreenath, Shiv Srivastava, and Albert Dobi -- Microrna biomarkers for early detection of cancer / Wendy Wang, Matthew R. Young, and Sudhir Srivastava -- Inflammation and cancer / Pamela L. Beatty, Sandra Cascio, and Olivera J Finn -- Exosomes : a valuable biomedical tool in biomarker discovery and development / Jocelyn Lee, Sharmistha Ghosh, and Sudhir Srivastava -- Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) : clinical implications / Elisa CWoodhouse and Suresh Mohla -- Breast cancer / Benjamin A. Katchman, Christos Patriotis, and Karen S Anderson -- Ovarian cancer / Christos Patriotis, Archana Simmons, Karen H. Lu, Robert C. Bast, Jr, and Steven J. Skates -- Esophageal cancer biomarkers / Yanxin Luo, Kishore Guda, Sanford Markowitz, Amitabh Chak, Andrew M Kaz, and William M Grady -- Predictive biomarkers for therapy in adenocarcinoma of the upper digestive tract / Heath D Skinner, Qiongrong Chen, Elena Elimova, Roopma Wadhwa, Shumei Song, and Jaffer A Ajani -- Pancreatic cancer / Sam CWang and Peter J Allen -- Colon cancer / Paul DWagner -- Prognosis and predictive biomarkers for colorectal cancer / Upender Manne, Balananda-Dhurjati Kumar Putcha, Temesgen Samuel, and Sudhir Srivastava -- Early detection of lung cancer / Mohamed Hassanein, Melinda C. Aldrich, Stephen A. Deppen, Karl E. Krueger, Eric L. Grogan, and Pierre P. Massion -- Commonalities in lung cancer and COPD / Malgorzata Wojtowicz and Eva Szabo -- Prostate cancer / Jacob Kagan, Ian M. Thompson, and Daniel W. Chan -- Improving the clinical validity of biomarker research in cancer detection / David F. Ransohoff -- Cancer overdiagnosis, ramifications and research strategies / Barbara K. Dunn and Barnett S. Kramer -- Predictive markers and driver genes from treatment trials : potential utility for early diagnosis / Brian S. Sorg, Sarfraz Memon, Kelly Y. Kim, Aniruddha Ganguly, Tracy Lively, James Tricoli, Magdalena Thurin, Lokesh Agrawal, Tawnya C. McKee, Barbara A. Conley, and J. Milburn Jessup -- Statistical consideration in predictive and prognostic markers / Fei Ye and Yu Shyr -- Clinical validation of molecular biomarkers in translational medicine / Harry B. Burke and William E. Grizzle -- Cancer biomarker assays : performance standards / Anna K Fuzery and Daniel W. Chan -- Bioethics and cancer biomarker research / Nathan Nobis, William Grizzle, and Stephen Sodeke -- Colon cancer screening / Molly Perencevich, Jennifer Inra, and Sapna Syngal
Pages: xiv, 304 p.
ISBN: 9781118468807
An introduction to physical oncology : how mechanistic mathematical modeling can improve cancer therapy outcomes (2017)
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press
Call number: QZ266:351
Keywords: Neoplasms / therapy ; Models, Theoretical ; Treatment Outcome ; Medical Oncology / methods
Description / Table of Contents: What should be modeled in cancer : milestones for physical models -- Developing more successful cancer treatments with physical oncology -- Mathematical pathology -- Mathematical modeling of drug response -- Prediction of chemotherapy outcome in patients -- Clinical management of pancreatic cancer -- Application of cancer physics in the clinic -- Tumor morphological behavior and treatment outcome -- Mechanistic model of tumor response to immunotherapy -- Perspectives on physical oncology and future directions
Pages: xxxix, 163 p.
ISBN: 9781466551343
Clinical Research and Practice (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Neurosciences ; Respiratory organs / Diseases ; Neurobiology ; Medicine & Public Health ; Pneumology/Respiratory System ; Neurosciences ; Neurobiology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Regional Diversification of Influenza Activity in Poland during the 2015/16 Epidemic Season, K. Szyma¿„ski, D. Kowalczyk, K. Cie¿›lak, L.B Brydak -- Impact of Internal and External Factors on EBC-pH and FeNO Changes in Humans Following Challenge with Ethyl Acrylate, F. Hoffmeyer, K. Sucker, H. Berresheim, C. Mons©♭, B. Jettkant, A. Beine, M. Raulf, J. B©ơnger, T. Br©ơning -- Influence of Socioeconomic Factors on Self-Reported Prevalence of Allergic Diseases among Female University Students, K. Kli¿›, M. ¿»urawiecka, A. Suder, I. Teul, B. Borowska-Strugi¿„ska, E. Suliga, I. Wronka -- Microbiologic Methods in the Diagnostics of Upper Respiratory Tract Pathogens, J. Kompanikova, A. Zumdick, M. Neuschlova, V. Sadlonova, and E. Novakova -- ℗ Seroprevalence of Bartonella Species in Patients with Ocular Inflammation, J. Brydak-Godowska, D. Kopacz, P.K. Borkowski, B. Fiecek, A. Hevelke, D. Rabczenko, S. Tylewska-Wierzbanowska, D. K♯™cik, and Tomasz Chmielewski -- Body Composition, Anthropometric Indices and Hydration Status of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients: Can Cachexia Coexist with Obesity?, B. Ku¿ðnar-Kami¿„ska, M. Grabicki, T. Trafas, M. Szuli¿„ska, S. Cofta, T. Piorunek, B. Brajer-Luftmann, A. Nowicka, B. Bromi¿„ska, H. Batura-Gabryel -- Frailty and Primary Sarcopenia: a Review, E. Carmeli -- Exercise Strategies to Counteract Brain Aging Effects, D. Szalewska, M. Radkowski, U. Demkow, P.J. Winklewski -- Evaluation of Immune Indices and Serum Vitamin D Content in Children with Atopic Dermatitis, A. Lipi¿„ska-Opa¿‚ka, A. Wawrzyniak, S. Lewicki, R Zdanowski, B. Kalicki -- Synergistic Activity for Natural and Synthetic Inhibitors of Angiogenesis Induced by Murine Sarcoma L-1 and Human Kidney Cancer Cells, B.J. Ba¿‚an, A.K.Siwicki, K. Pastewka, U. Demkow, P. Skopi¿„ski, E. Skopi¿„ska-R©đ¿ơewska, S. Lewicki, R. Zdanowski -- Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome in Children: A Case Series Study, K. Kowalska-Duplaga, I. Lazowska-Przeorek, K. Karolewska-Bochenek, M. Woynarowski, G. Czaja-Bulsa, A. Stawarski, S. Pieczarkowski, E. Hapyn, J. Jozefczuk, B. Korczowski, A. Szaflarska-Poplawska, A. Banaszkiewicz -- Knee Cartilage Regeneration with Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells Embedded in Collagen Scaffold Using Dry Arthroscopy Technique, B. Sadlik, G. Jaroslawski, D. Gladysz, M. Puszkarz, M. Markowska, K. Pawelec, D. Boruczkowski, T. Oldak -- index
Abstract: This book is a blend of medical research and clinical practice. Advancements in practice are inextricably bound to have research underpinnings. The articles highlight a range of practical topics. The respiratory tract is upfront as the first line of defense of the organism. Virological and bacteriological aspects of the infections that continue to be a scourge worldwide, influenza and tuberculosis, are dealt with. Sleep disordered breathing is another hot topic. Allergy and atopy, and the role of nutraceuticals in providing anticancer benefits due to the inhibitory effects on tumor growth and angiogenesis are referred to. Other chapters describe the use of mesenchymal stem cells for regeneration of the worn away cartilage tissue in the knee. The assessment and management of cognitive decline, sarcopenia and frailty of old age also figure prominently in the texts. The book is an attempt to demonstrate the viability of a bench-to-bedside design in point-of-care patient applications. Hopefully, it will be a source of information on interdisciplinary medical research advancements, addressing the needs of medical professionals, from scientists to clinicians and allied health professionals
Pages: VIII, 124 p. 17 illus., 7 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319654454