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Image-based computer-assisted radiation therapy (2017)
Singapore : Springer Nature
Call number: QZ269:198
Keywords: Radiation Oncology / methods ; Radiotherapy, Computer-Assisted / methods
Pages: x, 381 p. : ill.
ISBN: 9789811029431
Taschenbuch Onkologie : interdisziplinäre Empfehlungen zur Therapie 2016/17 (2016)
München : Zuckschwerdt
Call number: QZ266:345(18)
Keywords: Neoplasms / therapy
Pages: xiv, 367 p.
Edition: 18. Aufl.
ISBN: 9783863712013
Molecular cytopathology (2016)
Switzerland : Springer
Call number: QZ50:25
Keywords: Pathology, Molecular / methods ; Molecular Diagnostic Techniques / methods ; Cytodiagnosis / methods
Pages: xi, 293 pages : illustrations (chiefly color)
ISBN: 9783319307398
Zellbiologie (2017)
Stuttgart : Georg Thieme Verlag
Call number: QH581:60(5)
Keywords: Cells / anatomy & histology
Notes: carlo märz 2017
Pages: 586 p. : ill.
Edition: 5. überarb. Auflage
ISBN: 9783132402270
Principles of development (2015)
Oxford : Oxford University Press
Call number: QH491:11(5) ; A240:21
Keywords: Developmental Biology
Pages: xxiii 695 p. : ill.
Edition: 5th ed.
ISBN: 9780198709886
Roitt's essential immunology (2017)
Chichester, West Sussex : John Wiley & Sons
Call number: QR181:101(13)
Keywords: Immune System ; Immunity
Description / Table of Contents: Innate immunity -- Specific acquired immunity -- Antibodies -- Membrane receptors for antigen -- Antigen-specific recognition -- Immunological methods and applications [JS2] -- The anatomy of the immune response -- Lymphocyte activation -- The production of effectors -- The regulation of the immune response -- Development and evolution of the immune response -- Adversarial strategies during infection -- Vaccines -- Immunodeficiency -- Allergy and other hypersensitivities -- Transplantation -- Tumor immunology -- Autoimmune diseases
Notes: Preceded by Roitt's essential immunology / Peter J. Delves ... [et al.]. 12th ed. 2011.
Edition: 13th edition.
ISBN: 9781118415771
Diagnostic imaging : [2] / Head and neck (2017)
Salt Lake City, UT : Elsevier
Call number: WN200:54/2(3)
Keywords: Head / Imaging ; Neck / Imaging ; Head / pathology ; Head / pathology ; Neck / pathology ; Neck / pathology ; Diagnostic Imaging ; Diagnostic Imaging ; Head / radiography ; Head / radiography ; Neck / radiography ; Neck / radiography
Pages: various pagings
Edition: 3rd ed.
ISBN: 9780323443012
Introduction to Bayesian statistics (2017)
Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons
Call number: QA276:87(3)
Keywords: Bayes Theorem
Pages: xvi, 601p. : ill.
Edition: 3rd ed.
ISBN: 9781118091562
Research methods for postgraduates (2016)
Chichester, UK : John Wiley & Sons
Call number: ALLG-BERUF-Q180:73(3)
Keywords: Research / Methodology
Notes: Includes index.
Pages: xx, 496 p. : ill.
Edition: 3rd ed.
ISBN: 9781118341469
Harrison's hematology and oncology (2017)
New York : McGraw-Hill Education Medical
Call number: QZ200:567(3)
Keywords: Hematologic Diseases ; Neoplasms
Notes: "This third edition is derived from the 19th edition of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine."
Pages: xv, 832 p. :
Edition: 3rd ed.
ISBN: 9781259835834
Melanoma Development : Molecular Biology, Genetics and Clinical Application (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Clinicopathologic Overview of Melanoma -- Revisiting Epidermal Melanocytes: Regulation of Their Survival, Proliferation, and Function in Human Skin -- Melanoma Epidemiology -- Melanoma Genetics and Genomics -- Transcriptional Regulation in Melanoma -- MiRNAs in Malignant Melanoma -- Altered Signal Transduction Pathways in Melanoma -- Proteases in Melanoma -- Cell-cell contacts in melanoma and the tumor microenvironment -- Regulation of Apoptosis in Melanoma Cells: Critical Targets for Therapeutic Strategies -- Senescence -- Melanoma Stem Cells -- The Birth of Malignancy: Embryogenesis and Melanoma -- Tumor Microenvironment for Melanoma Cells -- Melanoma Model Systems -- New Approaches to Signaling -- Immune checkpoint inhibitors in melanoma define a new area in immunotherapy aiming for cure
Abstract: This book focuses on malignant melanoma, discussing the current state of scientific knowledge and providing insights into the underlying basic mechanisms, the molecular changes, genetics and genomics. Human Melanoma is a dangerous type of skin cancer affecting an increasing population, and a better understanding of its development will help in finding sophisticated targeted therapies. The second revised edition features the latest research findings and offers updates on the latest advances and potential novel melanoma therapies. It is a valuable resource for researchers and clinicians working in the fields of melanoma, cancer research and therapy as well as dermatology
Pages: VIII, 447 p. 36 illus., 26 illus. in color. : online resource.
Edition: 2nd ed. 2017.
ISBN: 9783319413198
The Actin Cytoskeleton (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Pharmacology ; Cell Physiology ; Biomedicine ; Pharmacology/Toxicology ; Cell Physiology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Functional significance of actin isoforms -- Assembly and maintenance of myofibrils in striated muscle cells -- Myosins: Domain organisation, motor properties, physiological roles and cellular functions -- Actin filament structures in migrating vertebrate cells -- Signalling pathways controlling cellular actin organization -- Actin-based endocytosis -- ADP-ribosylation and cross-linking of actin by bacterial protein toxins -- Common themes in cytoskeletal remodeling by intracellular bacterial effectors -- Viruses that exploit actin-based motility for their replication and spread -- Multiscale view of cytoskeletal mechanoregulation of cell and tissue polarity -- Molecular control of actin dynamics in vivo insights from Drosophila -- From cytoskeleton to gene expression – actin in the nucleus
Abstract: Actin is one of the most abundant proteins and ubiquitously expressed in all eukaryotes. In recent years, the analysis of structure and function of such complexes has shed new light on actin's role in cellular and tissue morphogenesis, locomotion and various forms of intracellular motility, but also on its role in nuclear processes like chromatin architecture and transcription. Progress in understanding these different physiological phenomena, but also in unravelling the basis of actin-based pathophysiological processes has been made by combining video microscopy, molecular biology, genetics℗ and biochemistry. Thus, the current research on actin, as ongoing in many international laboratories, is a "hot spot" in basic and translational research in life sciences. In this book on℗ "The Actin Cytoskeleton", twelve internationally renowned authors present specific chapters that cover their recent work concerned with the various roles of actin mentioned above. This comprehensive volume is therefore an attractive handbook for teachers and students in many fields of medicine and pharmacology
Pages: XII, 352 p. 60 illus., 30 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319463711
MRI of the prostate : a practical approach (2017)
New York : Thieme
Call number: QZ365WJ752:131
Keywords: Prostatic Neoplasms / diagnosis ; Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Description / Table of Contents: Introduction to prostate cancer : clinical considerations -- Prostate cancer pathology -- Introduction to prostate MRI protocols : hardware, T2-weighted imaging, and proton spectroscopy -- Diffusion-weighted imaging of the prostate -- Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI of the prostate -- Prostate imaging reporting and data system (PI-RADS) -- Prostate cancer staging and surgical planning -- Post-treatment follow-up and assessment for recurrence -- Pre-biopsy MRI and MRI-targeted biopsy -- MRI and active surveillance -- PET/CT and PET/MR imaging evaluation of prostate cancer -- Teaching atlas of instructional and interesting cases
ISBN: 9781626232686
Lung cancer : treatment and research (2016)
Cham : Springer
Call number: QZ365WF658:173
Keywords: Lung Neoplasms
Pages: vi, 322 p. : ill.
ISBN: 9783319403878
TNM Klassifikation maligner Tumoren (2017)
Weinheim : Wiley-VCH
Call number: QZ200:12(8) ; ERW ; E050:25 ; G033:91 ; G033:92 ; G033:93 ; G033:94 ; G033:95 ; G033:96 ; G033:97 ; G033:98 ; M100:605 ; M100:606 ; M100:607 ; M110:14 ; M110:15 ; M110:16 ; M110:17 ; M110:18
Keywords: Tumors / Classification ; Neoplasms / classification
Notes: Translation of: TNM classification of malignant tumours, 8th ed., 2017.
Pages: xxi, 313 p.
Edition: 8. Auflage.
ISBN: 9783527342808
Stem cells in toxicology and medicine (2017)
Chichester, UK : John Wiley & Sons
Call number: QH587:34
Keywords: Stem cells / Research ; Toxicology / Research
Pages: xxv, 532 p. : ill.
ISBN: 9781119135418
Molecular Pathology in Cancer Research (2016)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Medicine ; Cancer Research ; Human Genetics ; Gene Expression ; Proteomics ; Cell Biology ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Human Genetics ; Cell Biology ; Proteomics ; Gene Expression ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: 1. Molecular Diagnostics: Translation From Discovery to Clinical Practice -- 2. Biobanking in cancer research -- 3. Cytogenetics - Methodologies -- 4. Cytogenetics – applications -- 5. Genomic Analysis -- 6. Gene Expression Analysis- Current Methods -- 7. Gene Expression Analysis- Applications -- 8. Methods used for non-coding RNAs analysis Methods in ncRNAs -- 9. Applications of non-coding RNA in the molecular pathology of cancer -- 10. Proteomics Methods -- 11.The Clinical Application of Proteomics -- 12. Analysis of DNA Methylation in Clinical Samples - Methods and Applications -- 13. Clinical Flow Cyotometry For Hematopoietic Neoplasms -- 14. Bioinformatics analysis of sequence data -- 15. Historical value of the autopsy in research -- 16. The future of molecular pathology
Abstract: The aim of the book is to discuss the application of molecular pathology in cancer research, and its contribution in the classification of different tumors and identification of potential molecular targets, as well as how this knowledge may be translated into clinical practice, and the huge impact this field is likely to have in the next 5 to 10 years
Pages: VIII, 369 p. 59 illus., 39 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9781493966431
Structural Bioinformatics Tools for Drug Design : Extraction of Biologically Relevant Information from Structural Databases (2016)
Cham : Springer
Keywords: Medicine ; Biomedical Engineering ; Bioinformatics ; Biomedicine ; Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology ; Bioinformatics ; Computational Biology/Bioinformatics ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: 1. Introduction -- 2. Biomacromolecular fragments -- 3. Databases -- 4. Detection & Extraction -- a. Biomacromolecular fragments and structural patterns -- b. channels and pores -- 5. Validation -- 6. Characterization -- a. Partial atomic charges -- b. Channel characteristics -- 7. Selected Examples
Abstract: A large amount of structural data on biomacromolecules is available and the number of resolved structures is growing rapidly. This implies that we have an increasing opportunity to perform so far unprecedented analyses to obtain crucial biological insight. Biomacromolecular structural fragments such as binding sites or active sites, ligands, channels, pores, secondary structure motifs, etc., become very promising objects for these analyses because such fragments often serve as drug targets or drug templates, or substrate-specific pathways. However, such analyses are very challenging due to their complexity and, consequently, also because they require application of a combination of different software tools. In this book, we describe individual steps necessary for analysis of biomacromolecular fragments and provide a lsit of software tools required to perform such steps. For each step, we also show corresponding web-based tools in detail and provide a few practical examples of their usage
Pages: XIII, 144 p. 62 illus. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319473888
Neurological Regeneration (2017)
Cham : Springer International Publishing
Keywords: Life sciences ; Neurology ; Stem Cells ; Regenerative Medicine ; Tissue Engineering ; Biomedical Engineering ; Life sciences ; Stem Cells ; Regenerative Medicine/Tissue Engineering ; Biomedical Engineering ; Neurology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: Stem cell therapy: accepted therapies, managing the hope of society and a legal perspective -- Mesenchymal stem cells in clinical applications -- Ageing and senescence in mesenchymal stem cells -- New trends in clinic applications of induced pluripotent stem cells -- The effects of ageing on proliferation potential, differentiation potential and cell surface characterization of human mesenchymal stem cells -- Production of clinical grade mesenchymal stem cells -- Isolation and characterization of adipose-derived stromal cells -- Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking -- Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Associated Clinical Concerns -- Harvesting and collection of adipose tissue for the isolation of adipose derived stromal/stem cells
Abstract: This invaluable resource explores the regenerative potential of stem cells in the nervous system, with a focus on clinical applications. The expertly authored chapters discuss cell-based therapies for spinal cord injury and regeneration, traumatic brain injury, glioblastoma, Parkinson's Disease, ischemic stroke, cell banking, human embryonic stem cells and related concerns, harvesting of adipose tissue, and more. These topics are contextualized within a discussion of future directions of these therapies. Neurological Regeneration, part of Springer’s Stem Cells in Clinical Applications series, is essential reading for scientists, researchers, advanced students and clinicians working in stem cells, neurology, regenerative medicine or tissue engineering
Pages: IX, 258 p. 30 illus., 26 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319337203
on loan
Inside graduate admissions : merit, diversity, and faculty gatekeeping (2016)
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press
Call number: ALLG-BERUF-LB2371:8
Keywords: Universities and colleges / Graduate work / United States ; Discrimination in higher education / United States ; Minorities / Education (Higher) / United States ; Universities and colleges / Faculty / United States ; Teacher participation in administration / United States
Pages: 250 p.
ISBN: 9780674088696
on loan
Tumors and tumor-like lesions of the hepatobiliary tract : general and surgical pathology (2017)
Cham : Springer
Call number: QZ365WI735:79/1 ; QZ365WI735:79/2 ; QZ365WI735:79/3 ; QZ365WI735:79/4
Pages: 4 v. (xxxii, 3559 p.) : ill.
ISBN: 9783319269542
Essential MATLAB for engineers and scientists (2017)
Amsterdam : Elsevier
Call number: QA76.7:117(6) ; G160:5
Keywords: MATLAB
Pages: xvi, 411 p.
Edition: 6th edition.
ISBN: 9780081008775
Kodierleitfaden für die Hämatologie/Onkologie 2017 : einschließlich Stammzelltransplantation und Gerinnungsstörungen : Definitionen, Hitlisten und Beispiele auf Grundlage des G-DRG-Systems 2017 : mit den Empfehlungen der DGHO und den kommentierten Empfehlungen der SEG 4 des MDK (2017)
Heidelberg : medhochzwei Verlag
Call number: QZ200:568(14)
Edition: 14. Aufl.
ISBN: 9783862163212
Statistik für Naturwissenschaftler für Dummies (2017)
Weinheim : Wiley-VCH
Call number: QA276:88
Pages: 282 p. : ill.
ISBN: 9783527713134
Call number: QZ200:530/9(4) ; QZ365WI200:95(4) ; G033:99
Keywords: Head and Neck Neoplasms ; Head and Neck Neoplasms / genetics ; Head and Neck Neoplasms / pathology
Notes: The WHO Classification of head and neck tumours presented in this book reflects the views of a Working Group that convened for a Consensus and Editorial Meeting at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon 14-16 June 2016.
Pages: 347p. : ill.
Edition: 4th. ed.
ISBN: 9789283224389
Cancer medicine 9 (2017)
Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons Inc.
Call number: QZ200:569(9)
Keywords: Neoplasms
Notes: Rev. ed. of: Holland Frei cancer medicine 8 / editors, Waun Ki Hong ... [et al.]. 8th ed. 2010.
Pages: xxv, 1971 p.
Edition: 9th ed.
ISBN: 9781118934692
Molecular Therapies of Cancer (2015)
Cham : Springer
Keywords: Medicine ; Oncology ; Medical laboratories ; Biomedicine ; Cancer Research ; Laboratory Medicine ; Oncology ; Springer eBooks
Description / Table of Contents: DNA Damaging Drugs -- Drugs that Suppress Proliferation -- Molecular Inhibitors of Growth Signals -- Anti-Metastasis Therapy -- Induction of Senesence -- Combination Chemotherapy -- Gene Therapy -- Drugs with Diverse Modes of Action -- Hormone Therapy -- Immunotherapy -- Anti-Angiogenesis -- Drug Delivery and Drug Transport -- Drug Metabolism -- Prodrug Activation -- Drug Resistance -- Protection from Adverse Effects -- Pain Management -- Preventative Treatment
Abstract: Molecular Therapies of Cancer comprehensively covers the molecular mechanisms of anti-cancer drug actions in a comparably systematic fashion. While there is currently available a great deal of literature on anti-cancer drugs, books on the subject are often concoctions of invited review articles superficially connected to one another. There is a lack of comprehensive and systematic text on the topic of molecular therapies in cancer. A further deficit in the relevant literature is a progressive sub-specialization that typically limits textbooks on cancer drugs to cover either pharmacology or medicinal chemistry or signal transduction, rather than explaining molecular drug actions across all those areas; Molecular Therapies of Cancer fills this void. The book is divided into five sections: 1. Molecular Targeting of Cancer Cells; 2. Emerging and Alternative Treatment Modalities; 3. Molecular Targeting of Tumor-Host Interactions; 4. Anti-Cancer Drug Pharmacokinetics; and 5. Supportive Therapies
Pages: XV, 453 p. 120 illus., 86 illus. in color. : online resource.
ISBN: 9783319132785