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    ISSN: 0009-2940
    Keywords: Anionic complexes ; Chromium complexes ; Manganese complexes ; Stannyl complexes ; Hydrido complexes ; Chemistry ; Inorganic Chemistry
    Source: Wiley InterScience Backfile Collection 1832-2000
    Topics: Chemistry and Pharmacology
    Notes: Transition Metal Stannyl Complexes, 9[1]. - Substitution Reactions of the Anionic Hydrido Complexes [(π-MeC5H4)-(CO)2MnH]- and [(π-Arene)(CO)2CrH]-The anionic hydrido complexes K[(π-MeC5H4)(CO)2MnH] (2c) and K[(π-arene)(CO)2CrH] (π-arene = C6H6, C6H5Me, 1,2,3-C6H3Me3, C6Me6, C6H5Ph, indan) (5a-f) are spontaneously formed on stirring THF solutions of the dianionic complexes K2 [(π-MeC5H4)(CO)2Mn] (1) or K2[(π-arene)(CO)2Cr] (4) at - 78°C. The dianionic complexes are obtained by potassium naphthalenide reduction of (π-MeC5H4)(CO)2MnL or (π-arene)(CO)2CrL (L = pyridine or THF). Reaction of 2c with Me3SnCl or Ph2SnCl2 yields the bis(stannyl) complexes Cp*(CO)2Mn(SnR3)2 (SnR3 = SnMe3, SnPh2Cl), while reactions with the „smaller“ stannanes Me2SnCl2 or Et2SnCl2 results in the SnR2-bridged complexes [Cp′(CO)2Mn]2(μ-SnR2)((Mn-Mn). The bis(stannyl) complexes (π-arene)(CO)2Cr(SnR2Cl)2 (R = Me, Ph) are obtained from 5 and R2SnCl2. However, the reaction is strongly influenced by steric effects: with Me2SnCl2, bis(stannyl) complexes are obtained for π-arene = C6H6, C6H5Me, 1,2,3-C6H3Me3, or C6Me6, with Ph2SnCl2 only for π-arene = C6H6 and C6H5Me. Reaction of the sterically demanding complexes K[(π-C6H5Ph)(CO)2CrH] or K[(π-indan)(CO)2CrH] with Ph2SnCl2 stops at the stage of the anionic stannyl complexes K[(π-arene)(CO)2Cr-SnPh2Cl].
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    Type of Medium: Electronic Resource
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