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    ISSN: 0044-2313
    Keywords: Trifluoroethylene Sultone ; 3,4,4-Trifluoro-1,2-oxathietane-2,2-dioxide ; Gas Electron Diffraction ; Structure ; Chemistry ; Inorganic Chemistry
    Source: Wiley InterScience Backfile Collection 1832-2000
    Topics: Chemistry and Pharmacology
    Description / Table of Contents: Trifluorethylensulton: Struktur und ChemieDie Struktur des Trifluorethylensultons (1) (3,4,4-Trifluor-1,2-oxathietan-2,2-dioxid) wurde durch Elektronenbeugung in der Gasphase bestimmt. Der viergliedrige Ring ist planar. Folgende Parameter (ra Abstände und ∠α-Winkel mit der Fehlergrenze von 3σ) wurden erhalten: C—O = 1,41 Å (ass), C—C = 1,541(18) Å, S—O = 1,652(5) Å, S—C = 1,822(8) Å, S—C—C = 86,2(15)°, C—C—O = 97,1(28)°, C—O—S = 97,5(21)° und O—S—C = 79,1(8)°. Neue spektroskopische Daten (IR, NMR) für 1, sein acyclisches Isomer FSO2CFHC(O)F (2), und das Anhydrid FSO2OSO2CFHC(O)F (3) werden mitgeteilt. Neue Ester mit der Fluorsulfonyl-Funktion, FSO2CFHC(O)OCH2CF3 (4), FSO2CFHC(O)OCH2CH = CH2 (5), und (FSO2CFHC(O)OCH2CH—CH2—)n (6) wurden dargestellt und charakterisiert.
    Notes: The gas phase structure of trifluoroethylene sultone, (1) (3,4,4-trifluoro-1,2-oxathietane-2,2-dioxide) was determined by gas electron diffraction, and the four-membered ring was found to be planar. The following ring parameters (ra distances and ∠α angles with 3σ uncertainties) were derived in the electron diffraction analysis: C—O = 1.41 Å (ass.), C—C = 1.541(18) Å, S—O = 1.652(5) Å, S—C = 1.822(8) Å, S—C—C = 86.2(15)°, C—C—O = 97.1(28)°, C—O—S = 97.5(21)°, and O—S—C = 79.1(8)°. New spectral data (IR, NMR) of 1, its acyclic isomer FSO2CFHC(O)F (2), and the related anhydride, FSO2OSO2CFHC(O)F (3), are reported. New esters containing the fluorosulfonyl function, FSO2CFHC(O)OCH2CF3 (4), FSO2CFHC(O)OCH2CH = CH2 (5), and (FSO2CFHC(O)OCH2CH—CH2—)n (6) have been prepared and characterized.
    Additional Material: 2 Ill.
    Type of Medium: Electronic Resource
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