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    ISSN: 1089-7690
    Source: AIP Digital Archive
    Topics: Physics , Chemistry and Pharmacology
    Notes: The electronic spectrum of germylidene (H2C(Double Bond)Ge), the simplest unsaturated germylene, has been observed for the first time. Jet-cooled H2CGe and D2CGe were produced by an electric discharge through tetramethylgermane diluted in argon at the exit of a supersonic expansion. High-resolution spectra of H2C74Ge and D2C74Ge, obtained from (CH3)4〈sup ARRANGE="STAGGER"〉74Ge prepared from isotopically enriched 74Ge metal, have been rotationally analyzed to yield the following r0 structures: r0″(CGe)=1.7908(2) Å, r0″(CH)=1.1022(5) Å, θ0″(HCH)=115.05(5)°, r0′(CGe)=1.914(4) Å, r0′(CH)=1.082(9) Å, and θ0′(HCH)=139.3(11)°. The 367–354 nm B˜1B2–X˜ 1A1 band system consists of prominent perpendicular bands involving the CGe stretching (ν3) and CH2 scissors (ν2) vibrations and a weaker series of vibronically induced parallel bands involving the CH2 rocking mode (ν6). Vibronic bands involving Δv=2 changes in ν6(b2) and ν4(b1) have also been assigned. The fluorescence decays of single rotational levels of the 000 band of H2C74Ge exhibit molecular quantum beats for about 70% of the levels surveyed. Density of states arguments reveal that most of the beats originate from interactions with high rovibronic levels of the ground state. In one case, hyperfine splittings in the Fourier transform of the beat pattern indicate an accidental coincidence with an excited triplet state level. The less frequent occurrence of quantum beats in germylidene compared to silylidene, where they are almost universal, can be attributed to the smaller density of ground state levels at the zero-point energy of the S2 state in the former. © 1999 American Institute of Physics.
    Type of Medium: Electronic Resource
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